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Report #111

December 14, 2006

Joseph P. Skipper


J. P. Skipper can be contacted at:

Some of you have been asking me why no revelations from me coming out of the Mars newest MRO (Mars Reconnoaissance Orbiter) and HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) data. Well there isn't that much to report from my more experienced point of view but here is something from the MRO for you and the science communities that will carry NASA and JPL's recent admission of at least highly temporary surface water presence on Mars a whole lot further than they might like.

Original image with text caption at:

Let's start off by making one thing very clear, the above first image's blue color is not suppose to represent anything natural on Mars but rather is admitted to artificial color added at official level and not by me. In other words, it's false color officially chosen to appear as water even though at the same time it is officially not supposed to be water, if you can get your head around that kind of logic. Yes, it's tricky psychology but that's no doubt going to be a strategy as some of the Mars anomalous evidence is going to be hidden right in plain sight with such tactics depending on MRO technological advancements in both camera resolution and obfuscation technology.

The size and color of the above first image is just as it appears on the official science data website as a long vertical thumbnail image. My image here represents just a cropped out section of the strip from one side edge to the other. In other words, I have not done any enhancement work in the image at all, only cropped out that portion of the original demonstrating the trough system you see in blue color. The rest of the original image vertical length not shown here is just more of the tan color mostly blank plain terrain you see in the above image and is below the point of the trough system.

It should be mentioned here that the above image strip TRA_000827_1875 is just part of a much larger TRA_000827_1875_IRB context MRO HiRISE image that demonstrates in black and white a wider swath view of more of this same trough system. The above color image is just an official slice out of it.

Also, the overall regional area on Mars the above site exists in is known as Cerberus. The narrow deep trough system you see above in the official blue color and others in this area not shown here wide apart and running roughly parallel to each other east and west are known in science as Fossae. Together they are referred to as the Cerberus Fossae rift system. Now trough systems like this are also referred to geological terms as grabens or down-dropped geological terrain bounded by faults. The faults are cracks formed by underlying geology splitting apart forming this drop down trough system on the terrain surface in the physical separation gap between the underlying land forms.

It should be mentioned that these fault systems are on the Cerberus plains aka SE Elysium Planitia and in the vicinity of the Elysium and Albor volcanoes. That of course is one of the clues for the geological graben/fault identification. Sometimes the fault cracks are visually revealed from above by these long running troughs and at other times by cave-in multiple pits large and small aligned along sections of the underlying fault's length.

This geological background information is important because, if there is any surface water here in any of these troughs, it is thought to originate to the surface via underground geological pressure possibly associated with volcanism and be at different times temporary in nature. It is theorized that this process may perhaps push subsurface microbial life to the surface in the process that may exist for a while there.

You should also be aware that there is some recent prestigious science and academic speculation as to the presence of surface water in these fault/trough systems, at least on a periodic temporary basis. The links below serve as a couple of samples of excerpts cataloged from published papers from different scientists of note at universities like the University of Arizona and the Goddard Space Flight Center in 2002 and Brown and Lancaster Universities in 2003.

Now we all know what the official leadership positions still is on Mars in general. The place is suppose to be very seriously hard freezing, super dry with no surface water except possibly on a highly temporary basis, and the atmospheric content is suppose to be primarily of CO2 concentrations at levels many times over lethal to life as we know it. So you can see that scientists like those at the above links are basically bucking the peer established consensus and no doubt why we don't hear much more from them on this subject bucking the pressure to conform to the prescribed consensus view.

Well, if the above scientific speculation wasn't radical enough for the secrecy agenda, this particular report is all about some very real but overlooked water evidence in the above Cerberus Fossae trough system and, more significantly, in a liquid unfrozen state and not that temporary either. I suppose that would be received as radical heresy from the consensus point of view but you judge for yourself as the evidence develops here.

No any real surface water evidence isn't based on the suggestive too blue color you see here. Remember, that has been artificially applied in the bottom of the trough system at official level and notably not by me. Rather, the evidence here is much more about what they failed to do like making the blue color less transparent more opaque and obscuring. As it is with most of my discoveries, they are made capitalizing on very good but not quite perfect automated image tampering existent in all of this digital imaging at the very least since the 1970s Viking imaging and the rare mistakes that it sometimes makes.

Have you ever thought of how that blue color is so skillfully applied in the bottom of this trough system? Note how it skillfully avoids covering up large and small rocks and so skillfully replicates light and dark tone patterns. It does this via mapping software that maps to everything down there, objects and light reflectivity patterns alike. Did you know that this is a feature available in even commercial graphics software programs such as the PhotoShop program that I and much of the science community use? Remember, what software can map color subtleties to, it can also map image tampering to and in many degrees and levels. Just thought you should be aware of this just in case you thought this was technology that is more speculative than real.

The above second image is a split screen showing four different sites of anomalous interest within the trough system. If one bypasses the smaller official thumbnail image strip represented by my first image and download the larger full strip, this is the size scale that you will see in it. The more distant view of the official thumbnail image strip represented by my first image here is very revealing but the larger more detailed strip just begins to show "anomalous" evidence of interest. That evidence is not located so much on the water surface as might first appear but on the bottom beneath the water surface.

The truth is that strong but false official color like the blue color here and in the attractive ESA imaging actually hides more than it reveals and I am satisfied that is by intent. You see, there is a strong probability that the real water surface down there demonstrated solar light reflectivity in places that is so typical of water. In black and white imaging, the tampering applications usually lay down a semi-opaque dark surface that roughly matches the basic darkness of the original color. It even suggests the presence of water but eliminates most of the other qualities that might be stronger identification factors like transparency and reflectivity. That is the usual way of doing the tampering business.

In these MRO color images, they clearly state that the color is false and artificial. What that statement doesn't reveal is that it as an overlay application normally also eliminates key identifiers like transparency and reflectivity. What must be understood is that the artificial blue color isn't applied by humans but by super fast computers and mapping software that by programming maps to surfaces. It may be more efficient, consistent, and far faster than humans but it also doesn't "think"quite like humans. A human proofing this image close up behind the tampering software might have noticed that the water surface applications were too transparent revealing undesirable bottom details.

In this case, the undesirable bottom details are ripples and contours on the bottom so very typical of the presence of and created by water flow or current. The four sites in the above second image set demonstrates this in varying degrees but only at this official provided closer resolution and only if you look very close. Still easy to miss isn't it? With that said, let's take a closer look at these four sites in the images below.

The above third image is a 200% blowup of the original official larger size image and of the deepest and largest open pool in this portion of the trough system. It is also the one with some of the best and most unmistakable evidence. Note the water current flow contours on the bottom in the center of the image pointed out with the bottom right arrow. Now note the underwater boulder/rock with the light reflective top portion sticking out of the water in the upper left and the way the water flow has bounced off of the rock digging out an area at its base in the sediment on the near end and each side.

Note that the portion of the base of this rock are not as light reflective and are a much more blue color than the top center of the rock which is much more light reflective. This demonstrates that this rock is tall enough to stick out of the relatively shallow water surface still present and reflect much more sunlight while the much more subdued blue color at the base of the rock is clearly underwater and the water medium is filtering out a portion of the light that reaches further down underwater to this level.

Note the very point shaped rock very close to this boulder and between it and the cliff side shadow. Note its color like the base area of the boulder. It is quite reflective but see how less reflective it is than that portion of the top of the larger boulder sticking out of the water. Just as clearly it is a rock on the bottom but fully under shallow water and that water is filtering the light reaching it. The faithful but imperfect map tampering doesn't realize that these factors are important information for you and I and just faithfully replicates the water and its transparency factor revealing these truths.

Likewise, it doesn't realize like a human might that the revealed water flow created bottom sediment contours and dug out area around the rock base area are also important clues revealing water flow truth to you and I. Even had water not been still present to a plentiful but still limited shallow extent in this trough system and no longer flowing hard and deeper of course in some places than others, these flow patterns on the bottom sediment reveal conclusively that water has flowed strongly in this system and not in the ancient past either because these well defined marks would not hold up intact in loose particulate sediment like this for very long in a dry system.

Also, both of these two different pieces of evidence in the above third image, the water flow strung out in a line contours in the bottom sediment and the flow marks around the boulder in the sediment at its base, demonstrate conclusively the direction of flow from right to left in this image. Even though obfuscated with false color that no doubt eliminated some water surface light reflectivity key patterns, the tampering software in the process of mistakenly preserving transparency actually reveals what it is trying to hide. Kind of ironic isn't it.

The above fourth split screen image of two different sites very near each other on the far wall of the trough and to the right of the deeper pool are not as strong evidence wise as the third image but are still telling. This trough system demonstrates that water comes down it in force on some occasions. When doing this and where it encounters the confining resistance of the trough far side vertical cliff wall while at the same time crossing across slightly elevated bottom sites, the strong water flow in the main channel tends to come back down after crossing these slight elevations and plunge digging into the bottom on the other side. The tendency is to scoop out deeper spots.

That is what we are looking at here. The stronger tending to turbulence current action in these scooped out areas tends to initially sweep all loose material away like rocks and boulders carried along in the current from upstream as well as also anything falling down from the vertical cliff face erosion. As the water flow later slows down some, it carries finer loose sediment and deposits it into these deeper scope out now catch areas and then finally leaves current ripples in that finer now bottom sediment. This is typical of periodic surging water flows that are stronger for a time and then die off in relatively level terrain where loose sediment and rocks are both plentiful.

The above fifth image is of evidence site on the near side of the trough system below the main pool in the third image. Now the evidence is getting a bit more informative again. The ripples formed by water flow are quite obvious here. Note to that a lot of this ripple evidence is not just in in loose finer sediment represented by the more blue color but also in harder surface rock represented by the more tan color. Again the color that so often in this imaging works against truth is now here helping reveal it. The under water harder surface rock represented by the more tan color is quite clear. This demonstrates that the flow here has been very strong.

That's because it has been squeezed and concentrated into this near side channel thoroughly scouring it out completely carrying away the top material that had to have caved in and fell into this area. And that's another point, this is a side channel not directly in the wider trough system main channel flow. If you will examine the first image at the top of this report, you'll see the remnant of what is left of a ridge of no doubt harder material angling from the trough center channel area toward this side channel location. At some earlier time, this was a barrier that diverted strong water flow over left to the near vertical cliff side eventually blasting out this side channel in softer material there and now almost but not quite eroding away the original deflecting barrier.

All of this in the normal process of water flowing very strong with some measure of violence from our right to our left in the image and serving to dig into the sides and widen the original rift/fault system. What could be more obvious! This kind of super obvious evidence doesn't take a rocket scientist or planetary geologist to recognize, only objective common sense and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But, we're not quite through yet with the above fifth image evidence.

Note the longer dark shadow being thrown from left to right in the right side of the image. Note how sharp and straight its near edge is. Now note how the shadow straight near edge is crossing over that rough up and down rippled terrain. The shadow is clearly not following sufficiently the clearly rough up and down choppy terrain pattern. Why? Because it is first passing over a intervening flat self leveling very transparent surface. That surface can only be a transparent self leveling liquid. What do you think that liquid might be? Again, the evidence speaks and tells us that water in a unfrozen liquid state is still present here with all of its implications as did the evidence in the third image deeper pool.

Now note the hazy lighter color quality of the blue color of the trough immediately on our side of this same dark shadow. Compare that area to the deeper blue color further to the left in trough where there is more sediment and less rocky surface visible. That faint hazy light color quality is what is left of the stronger light reflectivity off of the water surface in this spot that the artificial but too transparent application of the blue color has subdued and mostly hidden and yet at the same time slightly reproduced.

This is what I mean when I say that the map tampering applications are good but not perfect. They hide critical information but once in while also reveal a little to. You can bet that the original black and white image will have a darker application in this same area that will be more effective at dulling and hiding than this more skillful transparent color treatment. The sharper basic resolution of the MRO imaging, although still compromised, has allowed us to detect this.

In light of the recent NASA/JPL admission of at least highly temporary surface water presence in at least one location on Mars, it is sad that so well educated scientists and academics simply cannot seem to recognize what is sitting in plain sight right off the end of their nose in evidence like this. Further, when someone other than in their "qualified" and "accepted" social and professional peer group can see what they cannot or will not, they will still reject straight forward plain in your face hard evidence as unimportant merely because of who it came from.

In other words, a primarily social emotional judgment is substituted for what is suppose to be a truth seeking science endeavor. Worse, I suspect it would be the same with the fore mentioned scientists espousing the possibilities of flood surface water conditions in Cerberus Fossae despite the fact that this discovery evidence clearly supports their own speculations and then some. As a society we are unfortunately failing in too many important ways and holding ourselves back in those ways.

In any case, here you have some solid Mars surface water evidence that isn't so temporary in nature arising out of the current MRO imaging that puts NASA and JPL's own recent "momentous" but highly temporary water presence "discovery" to shame. There will I suspect be more such "anomalous" independent discoveries but they will no doubt come like all the others via mistakes made in the automated process of obfuscation that is very very good but not perfect and, worse, never recognized by the science and academic communities.

As you see here, despite the advancement in obfuscation technology, the equally advanced resolution of the MRO imaging will apparently sometimes still offer a closer look at evidence that may at times help to reveal a little truth. Here we got lucky.

NOTE: As you may have noticed, I've subtly changed the text color from white to a light gray in this report. Why? Because, after years of almost no such feedback, a very few of the new people coming to this evidence record from around the world are now providing feedback that the white text color was just too bright and uncomfortable for them. If you have a opinion, e-mail it to me as feedback.

DOCUMENTATION This links takes you to the easiest to access official MRO science data TRA_000827_1875 color image with the thumbnail image represented by my first image here. There is a link there to the 4MB larger .JPEG image represented by my second image here and that my third, fourth and fifth images were drawn from. Note that there is also text there defining the official position on this evidence as well as giving some official statistics. This link takes you to the another official NASA site with the same above TRA_000827_1875 color image as well as the wider context original black and white official TRA_000827_1875_IRB science data MRO image not used here in my report. Note that this site is a listing that rotates down as new ones are added to the top. So, when searching down the list at any given time in the future for these images, it will be easier and quicker to scan for the 11/28/2006 release date common to both images.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator


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