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Report #102

May 9, 2006

Joseph P. Skipper


J. P. Skipper can be contacted at:

Normally this is the kind of evidence that I often pass up reporting on because it is most often too weak as something real and that I have confidence in that others can recognize. In fact, I've had this particular discovery from the Spirit Sol 513 data for awhile vacillating on whether to report on it at all or not. But then a sharp eyed viewer Eduardo Lucena in Brazil very recently discovered this object and brought it back to my attention. Since it is stronger than the usual evidence of this kind and there is something similar to compare it with in this same image, the refocus caused me to decide to report on it fully here after all.

The typical Rover imaging because of its closer views across portions of the Mars surface is full of intricate detail that tends to overwhelm the eye and brain due to the sheer number of objects and in such multitude of form, shape and variety it is normal to regularly run across something that looks familiar to the Earth human eye. For example, in the above first image look in the lower right corner area and you will see a light color object alone there pointed out with a black arrow that looks very much like a dog swimming with his head and neck sticking out of the water, uh soil. Although it looks at this distance just like a dog's head and even holds up pretty good under closer examination, it just doesn't quite hold up as such under the closest examination and I might add that the always prevalent image tampering ignored it as well.

On the other hand, while old Fido's head profile there is right out in the open in plain sight and readily apparent to the eye, the humanoid skull/head evidence site pointed out with the two blue arrows in the lower left area of the above first image is partially obscured and normally would at first glance be considered the lesser evidence. Even so, a factor that drew my attention to it for closer examination is the area of what is suppose to be slight sand build up to our right of the object and the dark material around the base of the object itself partially obscuring it. In my experience, this appeared to be very suspect as possible image tampering and anything the tampering software is interested in, then I am certainly interested in as well.

The above 4-way split screen image says a lot about this evidence. Of what portion we can see of it, this object looks incredibly very much like an anatomically correct humanoid skull or perhaps a humanoid statue head sticking out of the ground staring sightlessly upward from its dark empty eye sockets and its general position suggests an unseen body laying on its back under the ground. Note the anatomically general size and shape, the forehead, the empty socket dark eye holes, the bone bridge between the eye holes, the nose projection, and the beginnings of one side of the mouth. Information just not to be ignored.

However, for me, what makes this even more reportable as anomalous evidence even more than its general look is the fluffy image tampering applications clustered around the base of the object. This darker bulky obscuring area isn't rocks and/or shadow as one might at first presume, it is image tampering giving it this false bulky look in those spots. To be able to see this image tampering texture better is why I've included the lower right fourth split screen lightened image. Note the diffuse fluffy fuzzy quality that are these darker tampering areas. This is typical of false artificially added information as compared to real solid particulate surfaces like the real ground level bone (skull) or artificially worked statue head material that are of course as hard surfaces much more solar light reflective. For me, it is these image tampering applications partially obscuring this object that gives much more credence to this being something someone did not want us to be able to adequately recognize.

So why not just hide the whole thing? I suspect that is often the case with the most critical geometric and linear shaped evidence so suggestive of artificiality where all is hidden under obliterating applications. I suspect great multitudes of anomalous and very real visual information has been successfully hidden in this way and we may never know how much. Likewise, I suspect that great multitudes of perfectly normal natural geology have also been needlessly hidden because it may have demonstrated a little too much geometric or linear geometry suggestive of artificiality that the imperfect software is programmed to recognize and not like.

However, more irregular shaped objects and angles are another matter and it is apparently not so easy for the automatic tampering software's programming to recognize this kind of material as objectionable and a possible candidate for its tampering applications. For example, there is my Report #073 titled "Animal Fossil Skulls on Mars" where the animal fossil skull evidence has no tampering on it at all. The tampering software clearly doesn't see such animal evidence as different than other normal rocks in the terrain. On the other hand, what may be true of animal fossil evidence and what may be true of humanoid skull evidence could be two very different matters.

Still, if that's true, why the only partial tampering applications here? I suspect the answer to that may be in the location of exactly where the tampering concentrates on this particular object and that is not on its most recognizable humanoid features. I suspect that this being or statue representation of a being included a suit of some kind with objects on either side of the neck at the lapel areas. To the tampering software and its much closer much more detailed than admitted to imaging, either these objects had recognizable geometric forms or lines or the suit's stand up lapels had organized geometric forms on them and this was the target of the automated image tampering rather than the head area itself. Partially obscuring the head may have just been a secondary factor.

Also, once a tampering application is applied, it is typical for the software to string and dribble additional applications in varying degrees and densities at random out to the side of the original application. The purpose of this is to make the original target site applications less concentrated and uniform looking, more irregular looking, and therefore less obvious.

Meanwhile when anomalous evidence of life like this is found, further research is normally done around in the other rover cameras on the same Spirit Sol 513 to see if any better visual evidence can be found. In this case, there wasn't much of anything on the skull evidence but there was some different evidence that I thought you might be interested in seeing as appears in the next images below. Remember, this is at the same Sol 513 Spirit rover location but now from the navigation camera view pointed in a different direction and out in the distance. Normally I would not report on this kind of more obscure evidence either but here I think you may find it informative.

The above third image in this report is a scene from the same Spirit Sol 513 but from the front Navigation camera. It is presented here just as it appears size wise in the science data. You should know that the image is much smaller than normal for a Navigation camera image and consequently provides only a very tiny distant view of the area in question. In comparison other Nav-cam shots on even this same Sol 513 day but in different harmless directions are much larger as is normal for the Nav-cam imaging as opposed to the small image you see above.

When I see this kind of distancing manipulation, I start looking closer because it is often a tip off that something may be hidden here. Such distancing manipulation is most often very successful and there's not much to be done about it but move on. Even so, although I do not normally report this weaker evidence, I still learn from it myself and so the effort is never wasted. Now look at the poor quality closer images below and you be the judge.

In the mid to lower left of the above fourth 200% zoom view image pointed out by the dual directional blue arrow, there is a straight linear relatively shallow ditch dug in the terrain. Just above that in the left of the image pointed out with the blue arrow is what looks suspiciously like a poorly seen relatively small excavated pond area. Just right of center in the upper part of the image pointed out with a blue arrow is a long linear horizontal line of light color blur/smudge image tampering hiding something there. Just above that partially obscured behind the base of a hill coming down from left to right pointed out with another blue arrow is what may be a vaguely seen long linear structure with small windows in it. Behind that in the darker background appear to be vaguely seen indistinct structures but this latter evidence is seriously compromised by both the distance and blurry .JPEG compression artifacts so typical of the poor quality rover imaging as released to us.

The above fifth image provides a 400% zoom view that is at the same time poorer in quality and inconclusive but yet still providing some better information as to on what I've suggested to be anomalous evidence. I suspect we are looking at the edge boundary of a civilization evidence site nested in between some low hills here but you decide for yourself. For me, the presence of the direct image tampering applications I've labeled in blue color in the above fifth image as well as the general reduction in total image size amounting to manipulation cutting resolution significantly on this scene is by itself telling evidence as to what we may be looking at here.

So, although the evidence here in this report isn't strong enough to be conclusive, Sol 513 for the Spirit Rover in Gusev Crater was still actually a little informative for us but not quite so great for the secrecy crowd as a little suggestive real information may have gotten through to us in spite of the efforts to prevent it. This is the way it is in the MER-A/B Spirit/Opportunity closer imaging where advancement in imaging technology is turned to benefit only an elite few and augmented on their behalf by advancements in obfuscation technology promoting the perception of mostly false illusions and leaves less and less tidbits of truth laying around for us to find.

In other words, we in the public are good enough to pay for the tremendous cost to secure this information but, although by law it is our property and not remotely the property of those who are suppose to be acting on our behalf and in who's custody we have placed this data, we are kept in complete ignorance and the real information is kept in secrecy by a select few for their unknown purposes. Smells way too much like a one sided feudal system at work to me. Is this how you want your lives and world to be, sucking at pablum and illusion while reality marches on passing us by?

My advise is to expect more of same out of the newest MRO upcoming imaging data as both the imaging and the obfuscation technology will be even more advanced with the net providing less of anything real and much better illusion perception. In other words, if you in the public out there don't get a clue soon and decide to demand correction of this course and the revealing of truth out of your leadership, don't expect something better you can get behind to come along later. We are all on the cusp of our future right now.

Yes they are watching me dispense this information to you but really they are sitting back using me and even more watching you to gauge your reactions or lack of same to this information. Further, the secrecy controller types aren't the only ones watching you. Will the sleeper awaken? Only you can decide.

DOCUMENTATION These two links will take you to the two Spirit Sol 513 Panoramic Camera images that contain the humanoid skull evidence I've presented here in this report. The first or top link is the one that I used for my imaging but there appears to be little difference between the two. This link takes you to the Spirit Sol 513 Navigation Camera image from which my 3rd, 4th and 5th image evidence was taken.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator


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