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Report #084

March 6, 2005 (updated 2/9/2008 & again 3/15/2008)


The above first image is of Hale Crater located within the much greater Argyre Planitia Crater Basin. This image of it is beautiful isn't it. This appearance is a signature characteristic of the often visually stunning ESA Mars Express HRSC (High Resolution Stereo Camera) imaging as it is presented to the public and media. However, what we all need to be aware of is that this pretty picture for the public and media is partially art work and not be confused with the raw visual science data as seen by the Mars Express camera systems that would not have this information overlaid on it. This pretty look is accomplished right here on Earth by some heavy artificial processing and manipulation of the image to this effect.

That fact wouldn't be so bad if the image manipulation was just limit to color but the truth, in my opinion, is that the ESA imaging is so heavy with map type carpeting image tampering obfuscation that quality anomalous discovery information can very rarely be found in it. In fact,this beautiful color rides on the back of this type of software mapping into the terrain. This problem is so prevalent in the ESA imaging as released to the public that I long ago came to the personal conclusion that it generally just isn't practically worth me devoting much of my very limited time to trying very hard to find something in it. Yet, no matter how diligent the tampering, mistakes are still made in its application and such mistakes can produce discoveries providing some real information. That is the situation we have here in this report with this image.

In the above first image, which is only 34% of the original full resolution size and similar to the even smaller type of imaging you will often see presented in the media, note the black arrow and label pointing out the evidence site location that the strong anomalous content of this report is based on. Don't see anything suggestive or anomalous there? Well you are seeing correctly because you are seeing only what the secrecy agenda wants you to see and that is essentially nothing but a little, and I do mean a little, geology in the form of just the tops of some rough mountainous terrain. This limited view coincides nicely with the fact that the main past and current scientific debate associated with the Hale Crater environs centers primarily around the question of possible past ancient water erosion on its worn slopes.

In other words, the focus is all about geological evidence and little else and this kind of beautiful designer imaging is designed to get in behind and reinforce that perception and psychology. Yet, all of the more smooth areas you see in the above first image, regardless of color or size, is map type smudge image tampering application and you'll note that this accumulatively constitutes the great bulk of the image area and only a little of any natural geological forms stick up through this covering.

In fact, it is the universal smoother texture image tampering that gives this general scene is worn look illusion that current scientific debate is so focussed on. This kind of thing not only serves to cover up any anomalous evidence that may be present in a particular image like this one, it also from official image to image accumulatively in the many hundreds and thousands creates the universal perception illusion that what one is looking at in these images is all real terrain when the truth is that only the tops of some of the rougher geology is real in a scene like this. This is how misdirection and manipulation of perception is done in the world of planetary satellite imaging.

For those of you who may be hesitant to accept this, resolution is only a matter of common sense. I invite you to take a look at the fifth and last image in my previous Report #055 titled Towers In The Sun. This standard commercial quality technology image demonstrates satellite older than ESA's current science imaging technology of an Earth city from the satellite over 400+ miles out as compared to the 230 mile average for satellites circling Mars and through Earth's heavy atmospheric envelope and cloud cover as compared to Mars thin much clearer atmospheric cover.

Earth satellite images like this should provide very clear insight as to what kind of minimum quality that we have a right to expect from this planetary science imaging that uses the best cutting edge equipment of the time and not available commercially. Yet, this is clearly not what we are getting. Oh the real and much clearer science imaging data is out there somewhere within secrecy control but only the poorest quality heavily manipulated and obscured imaging full of misdirection and illusion is made available to the public and researchers as evidenced by the first and second images you see here in this report.

Now the above second image is again the official ESA image (without any work in it by me) but specifically of part of the anomalous evidence site and this time shown at the full official 100% resolution size. The anomalous evidence site is below, to the left of off screen, and to our right of the three arrows. The mountains you see that I have included in this view above within the Hale Crater basin and their orientation provide the needed ease of location factor. As you can see, any evidence there is very faint in the official imaging and therefore so very easy to miss.

The only thing that can be seen here in this official view is some faint organized patterns uncharacteristic of natural geology under and through the partially transparent smudge image tampering cover. The above marginal view of the faint evidence is a bit better seen in the original official image found HERE than in my above necessarily lesser quality compressed image sized for this Web presentation.

For a researcher worth his or her salt, this faintly seen but definite organized pattern evidence is the clue that indicates the need for closer examination and then the attempts at defeating the obscuring image tampering treatment. I have been aware of this anomalous evidence at this site all the way back into the MGS MOC data but it has always been too obscured not allowing adequate defeat of the image tampering. When I have promising but only suggestive evidence like this, I often hold off reporting on it hoping with the passage of time to find a better image of the anomaly site that will allow more detail to be brought out.

That was my situation with this evidence. I had looked at various MOC, THEMIS and ESA imaging of this site but could never visually get the evidence via graphics work beyond being merely suggestive and not having much respect for the ESA imaging, my research into it wasn't as detailed as it should have been. However, thankfully along comes a viewer (who wishes her identity withheld) finding this particular ESA image that I missed completely on her own that is the basis of this report. When she brought it to my attention, her imaging was too close to the evidence obscuring it too much so that it to was still only suggestive. But, it was plenty good enough for me to see by her graphics work that defeating the Hale Crater image tampering covering was possible in the image she had found, at least to a greater extent than heretofore in my experience. The result is as you see in the following three images.

. .. .

Now remember that the above third larger image with its accompanying three smaller thumbnail size ever so slightly clearer images of the Hale Crater civilization evidence is a distant wide view and the result of only a partial defeat of only the overall covering slightly transparent smudge image tampering obfuscation you see in the first two official images. So only various areas of the evidence can be seen adequately while other areas in the scene are still seriously impacted by image tampering more resistant to defeat. Note that I got rid of the nice beautiful but fuzzy, highly reflective, and obscuring ESA processing and color and introduced this alternative color to give the evidence a little better definition.

I've waited patiently a long time to present this evidence site and we all owe this lady viewer a lot for bringing this image to my attention as well as to the secrecy types for choosing poorly and making the mistake of using smudge tampering with just a little too much transparency to it in this particular image. As I have stated over and over again, it is only via full awareness of the presence of the image tampering and capitalizing on the mistakes made in its application that a little true hard evidence like this filters through to us rather than just the designer pabulum and illusion that the secrecy agenda would prefer that we be limited to.

As you can see in the above image, I don't think even the most in denial loyal to the official view person can see this as anything other than the civilization evidence that it clearly is and on another world. There can be no confusing this distantly seen wide area highly organized geometric patterns so typical of intelligent life civilization evidence sites with natural geology or misleading imaging artifacts, etc. Now the next two images below will show a closer view to the left and right of the above third image scene.

The above fourth image is a 180% zoom (as far as I could go before getting just too blurry) closer view of the general wide field scene to the left in the third image in this report. This is still a distant blurry view but still informative none the less. The civilization evidence is so thick here and in such variety that I have elected not to obscure anything with arrows and labels under the assumption that most of you can recognize much of this evidence for what it is. Just keep in mind that this is a distant satellite view, not a closer aerial view, and the general image quality has been degraded at official level resulting in the blurry look that I cannot help.

Except for some of the evidence in Report #010 titled "Domes & Plant Puffing Vapor" and possibly Report #006 titled "Water Industrial Site, et al," due to the large variety of shapes and structures, this site is unique among the evidence I've presented. Why? Because the civilization evidence here appears to be spread out in the terrain as a great variety of different probably industrial and/or possibly military uses with many lower profile structures as compared to the usual concentrated living and/or general business sites I've so far mostly reported on with crowded densely packed tall high density towering structures.

Further, the patterns and structure evidence that we can see reasonably well here (for planetary satellite imaging as released) are relatively small and/or lower profile. That's because the tampering depended on the overall general upper layer semitransparent smudge treatments to hide this smaller size evidence to continue to provide some misleading visual surface texture patterns. That type of general tampering cover is what my clarification work did a fairly good job of defeating.

However, the darker areas and the over saturated light color areas are I suspect larger more readily recognizable geometric structures that have higher priority object specific tampering applied on them at higher resolution levels in deeper flattened layers that my relatively simple clarification work couldn't deal with. So this evidence remains hidden under the more individual tampering treatments. I suppose you can't hope to have your cake and eat it to as the old saying goes.

The above fifth image is also a 180% zoom closer view of the general wide field scene but to the right in the third image in this report. Again I've elected not to obscure anything with arrows and labels pointing out features. Many will see and describe more detail of some of the objects seen in the last three images in this report. Some such perceptions may be correct but most will no doubt be wide of the mark and seeing things just not able to be seen adequately in this limited quality publicly released satellite imaging.

However, that kind of more risky extrapolation of the evidence is not the primary purpose of my reporting here. I see that as much less important at this point than simply reporting the straight forward but extraordinary message and realization that we are looking at intelligent life advanced civilization evidence on another world and that this is a reality and that we are going to have to wake up to and deal with this fact.

Just look at evidence like this, there can simply be no confusing this type of evidence with natural geology or imaging artifacts. We as a people following the official lead are just beginning to start to consider that surface water may have once existed on Mars but only in the ancient past. That is the secrecy agenda muddy water pabulum preferred and promoted for us all. But, we are not stepping up to the reality plate in accepting just this little ultra conservative information tidbit. Likewise, reluctantly just beginning to start to consider that organic life of some kind and perhaps even intelligent life may have once existed in the ancient past possibly leaving some old dead ruins behind we can eventually explore is again us just not stepping up to the reality plate.

In scenes like this, think what the real untampered with unobscured much higher resolution satellite imaging science data never released to us would have to reveal about sites like this offering tremendous insight so very far beyond the sparse and weak but still extraordinary information we see here in this badly crippled imaging. Think about what some in the secrecy agenda would have to know about sites like this but never share with those that support and pay for this information's acquisition. That so many of us are hiding from and preferring our denial pabulum on information like this is what the secrecy agenda prefers to believe about you and I. This perception dovetails in nicely with their secrecy agenda addiction with its resulting elitism and alienation from the public interest they are suppose to serve.

But, are they right? Is it what you really want? If not, then it's time to loudly and forcefully communicate your willingness to face up to information like this and demand of your media and political leadership to start looking into this in depth and providing this type of information the full investigative exposure that it requires and then let the people judge any merit it may have for themselves. The science and academic communities have evidently abdicated their responsibility in this regard to the secrecy agenda by swallowing the official science data misdirection and illusion pabulum hook line and sinker, so it is up to us to start this incredible information moving toward greater awareness, responsibility and debate.

We are all of us headed relentlessly toward dramatic changes in our lives arising from our true greater environment. It is a natural outgrowth of this speeded up high tech information age we now live in where a massive secret and ignorance like this cannot ultimately stand. The change cannot be avoided and especially not by pretense, official or otherwise. The question is will we as a people be caught by surprise and be swept along out of control by inevitable events or will we start anticipating and preparing now by allowing this kind of preparatory information onto our mental radar?

ADDENDUM ..(added 2/9/2008 and again 3/15/2008)

The above image is a very nice one of the Hale Crater evidence completed by a viewer known to me only as C.K. Except for the red border bracketing the image and the labeling that I've put in it, this is entirely his original work and has no work in it by me. His work is this good because he recognized from the outset that obfuscation tactics were present as upper layer additions in the image and first must be defeated to get the best visual results. It should also be noted that, although his tactics mimicked my own, they were arrived at entirely on his own with no input by me.

As you can see, it offers an improvement over my own imaging. This is a real help to me because it saves me from eventually having to go back and do this work myself eking out this tiny additional detail. I would have had to have done this before my first book evidence gets into public and science community awareness. If this had not been done, it would have left too much room for misdirection argument and debate. So thank you CK and well done.

This improvement is always quite possible as my work is often hurried to meet posting deadlines that I've established for myself and I come to the conclusion that the work may not be as good as it can get but it's good enough for posting the report with no more delays. The next three images below, one black and white, the next with a little color in it, and the third smaller in color focusing on a more narrowly defined area are just CK's image with some very slight improvements in them by me to accentuate fine detail.


Now many of you are no doubt aware that the argument against this evidence being real is that it is simply image artifacts. The truth is that there is no other argument that might have merit that could be made and so this is natural and expected path for anyone to go to who cannot accept this as civilization evidence on another world for a variety of reasons.

Yes, although many of us are not, some are satisfied with this countering argument for a number of reasons. Some because they have a vested interest in it not being civilization evidence, some because they just simply don't believe it is possible, some because the artifact arguments and points made makes sense to them, some because they just don't know and default to the opinion of those they consider reliable experts and in the know, and some of course have a mix of these reasons. But, the bottom line is the basic argument that these are imaging artifacts and artificial software processing creations and not real ground level evidence.

With that in mind, I want you to look very closely at these newer images and especially the above small but wider field image #8 and #9 cropped out scene. Yes the evidence is poorly seen and it's quite small but it is good enough for the determination of what is needed here. That is if one has an open mind.

The first thing that I want to point out to you is that the top of many of the what appear to be elevated structures for the most part demonstrate stronger than its surroundings sunlight reflectivity defining the top of the object and its shape and size. This is typical of more flatten roof structures in strong sunlight. Now as you focus in on these structures scattered around this scene noting this roof top reflectivity factor, please also note that the near side (closer to us) of each of these elevated objects is also very often in degrees of shadow. The combination of these factors creates a 3-dimensional effect further defining the objects.

Now take a look at the above two additional tighter field of view images of the same scene both at 200% zoom and 250% zoom respectively. These were developed by me separately and are not crop outs from any of the 6–9 images above.

Note the larger structure in the upper center of these two #10 and #11 tight zoom images. Note that the roof surface of this particular structure is reflecting sunlight while the near side is in shadow and that all this is importantly consistent with other elevated adjacent objects in this scene. More importantly, on the near shadow side of the larger object, note the multiple projections sticking horizontally out from within the near side shadow and into the sunlight with sunlight reflecting off of their upper surfaces. Now note the corresponding unique shadows or buttresses matching the projections on the ground.

This is very powerful hard visual evidence. Do you really think that it is possible for imaging artifacts that are false information and not real in the terrain to block and reflect sunlight and cast shadows, including such unique shadows, as would real objects? Likewise look at the over all general view in these images. Note the scattered random nature of this evidence as it sprawls around on the bottom of the crater floor in such a great variety of mixed patterns from a little to a lot. This is typical of civilization artificiality evidence that has accumulated in an area over time attending to many different purposes that have also accumulated in such a place over time.

Imaging artifacts just simply do not behave in this way regardless of their type and origin. Heavily influenced by the underlying image geometric pixel grid and digital matrix, image artifacts are much more ridgidly geometric as well as uniform, repetitive, and heavily concentrated being much more dense and closely packed in their patterns. This uniformity and concentration is a dead giveaway as to their artifact origin and note that this factor is quite absent here. These sunlight reflectivity and shadow factors are hard evidence that the artifact proponents are going to have to deal with and not ignore.

What the artifact proponents must realize is that any such artifact presence was primarily in the upper most obscuring layers reacting across those layers later added into the image to obscure what was below. Those layers should have been flattened and locked which would have in turn locked all of the lower layers. This was not done adequately amounting to a technical snafu and so converting the official RGB subsequently added false color image back to original gray scale partially defeated most of the obscuring top layers and then inverting the image defeated even more loosing them and revealing what was below that could be worked with and clarified.

It's sort of like an archaeologist coming along and digging at a likely site starting on fresh ground and soon finding evidence of some relatively modern 500 year old trash dump (obscuring imaging artifacts) near the surface, being satisfied with that, and stopping there. Then only to have someone else come along later that is not satisfied with the surface treatment and dig deeper below the original find to discover a fabulous very real 2,500 year old civilization very much in tact below it. Not exactly the same, but similiar.

So it is up to you as to whether you can believe your own eyes and exercise some common sense. If not, you will sadly need to default to the opinion of others. As always, it is a matter of choice.

DOCUMENTATION This link accesses the official ESA image that is the source for this report that came to us via the excellent work of a female viewer who prefers to keep her identity private. In the official image, be prepared to see the anomalous civilization evidence patterns very faintly through and below the slightly transparent smudge image tampering covering using the second image in this report and its mountains for location of the evidence site.

NOTE: Remember that you will not be seeing any civilization evidence detail beyond the faint organized patterns in this official image unless you are prepared to do graphics clarification work with it. If you choose that path, you'll need to first loose the pretty, highly reflective but obscuring haze and ESA colors by converting to standard black and white grayscale format as well as invert the image. This will partially defeat the obfuscating top layer and better reveal the evidence. Then proceed with darkening and contrast work to clarify and then add color if you wish.

, Investigator


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