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Report 205

August 1, 2011


This report will be about visual evidence on the surface of the Moon drawn from the Apollo 8 mission images. It deals with evidence ranging from possible tall large structures and vegetation to image tampering and including what even appears to be a lake of self leveling fluid. Now let's get started.
(scroll down to AS08-13-2350 choose high resolution image)

The above 1st image suggests two different types of evidence. One is artificial structures and the other is vegetation. Note the knobby rough textures in the terrain best seen in the right half of the image. This suggests some kind of vegetation rather than geology. On the other hand, note the bright white partially obscured ring in the lower half of the image on the left. Note how our view of the back portion of the white ring is blocked by something solid and large rising in height from the center area of the ring. Let's take a closer look at this ring structure evidence in the next image.
(scroll down to AS08-13-2350 choose high resolution image)

As you can see in the above 2nd image, there appear to be multiple height structures rising from the center area of the white ring and this structure evidence is blocking our view of the back white area of the ring. There are a couple of things that you should take into consideration when you are examining this structure evidence.

First is the white ring itself. Note that the white ring appears to be of equal depth and reflective quality all the way around. This is typical of other such rings in this and other Apollo 8 images. This configuration would not be the case if this was what we would normally assume it to be which would be an impact crater depression. Normally an impact crater would be a depression in the center of the impact area and a to some degree raised rim on the periphery of the depression. In an impact crater scenario the crater would catch sunlight creating a shadow in one side of the crater and a bright sunlight portion on the other side of the crater with the degree of that brightness or shadow dependent on the sun light angle. This is not the case here.

In other words, we are not looking at an impact crater depression here. There are quite a few of these rings around on the Moon in the Apollo 8 imaging, including more in this particular image, and often they are characterized by very dark heavily obscured mass like this rising in height from the ring's center area and that height blocks the view of the rear portion of the ring. The trouble is that the dark material is just too dark to make out much detail within the elevated mass. So I do not normally report on this type of evidence giving up on it as a lost cause when it comes to viewers being able to interpret what is really going on here.

Indeed here the darkness does not appear to be shadow but a dark application on the structures. True shadow always has some transparency depth to it and as such it will lighten a bit in a graphics program. However, an image tampering application is a solid coating with no transparency depth to it at all and therefore it will not respond at all to lightening in a graphics program. That appears to be the case here.

Therefore, in my opinion, these dark areas are not any kind of shadow but dark applications meant to obscure and hide detail where they are present. Normally I would pass and not present this kind of evidence. However, I've presented this here because I suspect many of you will be able to see the bits and pieces of light reflective hard surfaces rising in height from the ring's center area that the dark application did not quite cover and recognize that this is almost certainly some sort of artificial high rise large facility evidence.

I also suspect that the bright light reflective ring itself is not the upper rim portion of an impact crater depression at all but something like an artificially created ring shaped circular canal or moat system filled with some kind of light colored substance that provides the ringed center area with a measure of security. If so, then the question becomes security from what on the Moon? Logically the security must be for something limited to ground surface level in order for this kind of protection to be effective.

Now the presence of artificial structure evidence within these ringed areas around in this Mare Tranquillitatis terrain that appear to be in the open and not protected for example within a visible dome shell seal can be significant in other ways. For example, unless those who built this are machines or beings adapted in some way to airless or near airless conditions, it suggests environmental air breathing ability, at least in this locale on the Moon. That in turn suggests an environment with atmosphere. That in turn gives a little more credit to the possibility that vegetation appearing as knobby terrain in the 1st image may be present.

Remember, if one can eventually come to accept that intelligent technologically advanced organic life actually exists on the Moon, one should not sell their technology development short by insisting that this or that can't be done. It may not can be done by our current technology standards but we cannot say what others may or may not be able to accomplish with their technology.

For example, on an original theoretically airless moon any organic air breathing creature wishing to operate on the surface unencumbered by survival gear would be compelled to solve the problem presented by an airless external environment. It would have been among the first primary problems needing to be solved and receiving greater concentration. The same would be true of their logically anticipating the problem that visitors from nearby neighboring Earth would eventually be coming to the Moon to complicate their existence and that problem must be anticipated and dealt with in advance.

Remember as well that visitors from Earth, if Antarctica rumors of alien presence there and in the Southern Sea are true, may include those who are not native Earth humans as well. In other words, from someone else's point of view, it may not necessarily be all about defensive positions directed at we Earth humans in the perception and reactions of anyone on the Moon. Our belief and assumption that we as a species are alone on Earth and in this solar system may have no bearing at all on the positions that others take.

Let's face it, if that white ring is a security moat of some kind, it suggests that there are unknown dynamics at play on the Moon's surface that we are completely ignorant of. If true of that, then it could be true of other things as well. That means it would be a serious mistake and perhaps outright dangerous to make any assumptions based on our ignorance or conditioned belief systems about what is possible or not on the Moon. First we must accept and admit to our ignorance and proceed from there.
(scroll down to AS08-13-2350 choose high resolution image)
(scroll down to AS08-13-2348 choose high resolution image)

On the other hand, in the above 3rd and 4th images, note the big very long dark shadow thrown by the center right geological formation. Note that the formation is simply not tall enough to be throwing a shadow so long and massive, even with low sun light angle and there appears to be no downward slope in the terrain to our left of the formation that might account for the big long shadow. Note that the largest and longest shadow direction as pointed out by upper three red arrows is different than some of the other nearby lesser shadows in the terrain above it.

Further, a closer look (not shown here) demonstrates that this longest dark shadow is too dense and unresponsive to graphic program lightening suggesting that it is also an image tampering application rather than true shadow. Likewise, closer examination reveals that the edges of the big long tapered shadow are two sharp and well defined running straight across and unaffected by variations in the terrain and that would not be the case with real shadow.

Likewise, even if the big long shadows in either image are real, then it is of an object in the terrain that is missing. This suggests that a tall object has been visually eliminated from the image by image tampering. Such a concept brings to mind the immense Moon tower evidence that I've previously reported on in Report #067 in May of 2004 from the Clementine Moon imaging that has since been sanitized from the official record as per my Report #180. However, I strongly suspect that these long shadows are not real but an image tampering unresponsive application hiding something at this spot as is the purpose of so many of the dark areas that are suppose to be shadows in this Apollo 8 imaging but aren't.
(scroll down to AS08-13-2351 choose high resolution image)

In the above 5th image, you see the remnants of a white ring but here visually severely compromised inside and out by a rough texture pattern that extends well out into the surrounding terrain covering everything there. This pattern resembles vegetation but I'm of the opinion that in this particular case it is image tampering application using a texture pattern that was a poor choice to be using on the Moon.

Why? Well because the Moon is suppose to be airless in theory making vegetation impossible and yet this pattern contrarily tends to remind one of vegetative growth. So, if it isn't vegetation and it obviously isn't geology, then what else could it be? The dark shadow obfuscation applications most often used in this Apollo 8 imaging would have been a more effective choice because the shadows at least do not suggest the possibility of bio-life as does this type of obscuring texture pattern application.

Further, the presence of this particular texture pattern brings doubt to what appears to be vegetation in the 1st image. Why? Simply because it may just be a different obfuscation application pattern that looks even more like vegetation.
(scroll down to AS08-13-2333 choose high resolution image)

The above white out 6th image may seem blank but it isn't. The image is just over saturated with white color and is just as it appears in the official science data. The over saturated white is likely just another method of image tampering added to eliminate evidence. The whole of the Moon terrain is like this in this AS08-13-2333 image while the sky above the horizon is normal black by the Apollo 8 standard of that released to the public and science communities. If any scientist encountered this kind of image, most would just abandon it and move on to another image. That is why this obfuscation tactic is most effective.
(scroll down to AS08-13-2333 choose high resolution image)

However, the white over saturation is sometimes something that can be dealt with by a graphics program and in this case quite nicely. The above 7th image is of the exact same scene as in the 6th image but now darkened with contrast added and revealing anomalous evidence hidden by the white over saturation tactical. As you can see pointed out by the three red arrows and label, there appears to be a lake of some self leveling fluid substance.

In my opinion, a rough but very subtle texture pattern has been added on just about everything in this scene except the portion of the lake that we see here. The reason this lake was left out of the tampering to some extent may have to do with the limitations of the tampering technology of the 1960s and 1970s. On the other hand, some rebel may have intentionally left it for a future researcher to find. Maybe but more likely the tampering software of the time (December 1968) wasn't up to dealing with smooth placid surfaces like this lake with the texture pattern chosen. So a quick white over saturation solution was employed and effective.

It should be noted that Apollo 8 was not a mission to land anyone on the Moon but designed as an orbiting vehicle that was suppose to develop more information of the Moon's surface for future manned landings. Also, the images from this mission were geared to be presented on TV to the public and short preparation (obfuscation) time would have been a factor under those circumstances. When the tampering software did not visually eliminate this lake with the too subtle texture pattern, the too bright white over saturation of the image as a quick and easy follow up tactic would have predictably resulted in this image's elimination from TV exposure and it later could have simply been forgotten after that exposure risk was dealt with.

So there you have it. In AS08-13-2350 there is some very suggestive artificial structure evidence within a ring, some possible adjacent vegetation evidence, and some likely image tampering evidence mimicking shadows. In AS08-13-2348 there is more of the tampering evidence mimicking shadows. In AS08-13-2351 there is a different rough texture pattern application covering everything and in AS08-13-2333 there is white out over saturation hiding a lake of liquid.

Once early in this work I had a NASA scientist and friend of Arthur C. Clarke who had involved him in some evidence I presented get angry with me. His complaint expressed was that it was "unfair" of me to be presenting evidence drawn from the old Apollo Moon data and Viking Mars data because that early data did have some "problems." I countered then and now that I do not make any of the evidence I present, only discover it in the official data and reveal it. I interpreted his outburst as a near admission of the "problems" from my own point of view with this data.

In other words, as anyone can prove to themselves in the verification process at the links to the official science data always provided, I do not make or create this anomalous evidence. It exists and is verifiable in the official science data quite apart from me at the links always provided and so cannot just be ignored as though it doesn't exist. I merely publicly reveal what already exists for viewer consideration.

, Investigator


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