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Report #020

August 13, 2008

Eleven images & slow loading on dial-up

This is a complete overhaul of the previous (year 2001) Report #020 on evidence arising out of the MGS MOC M09-02042 strip. The evidence consists of the giant or colossal size plants you see in the above first image as well as extensive old growth bio-life forests, very obvious water lakes in a liquid state, some suggestive civilization evidence and, unfortunately, image tampering.

As you can see, here in this strip the above giant plant evidence is very poorly viewed. The upper portion of the strip containing this oversize bio-life evidence has been compromised by resolution problems and other obfuscation factors preventing a decent look at the evidence details. For a better look at this colossal size bio-life evidence than what you see here, go to my previous 2001 REPORT #019 and even better my much more recent 2008 REPORT #133 revisit.

In the above image note the way each of the plants branching's radiates out 360º from a central core and the light reflectivity off of those branching's. Now take a look at the EARTH comparison image below.

The above Earth based second image is an aerial view of a forest canopy in Virginia Beach here in the USA. Note the variety of tree tops where the sunlight is reflecting strongly off of the branching's with the least leafy growth on them. Note the look of those light reflective branching's. The parallel with the Mars evidence branching's should be obvious to most of you. The only real difference is the massive size scale of the Mars evidence relative to this tiny by comparison Earth evidence. This image was sent to me by Calvin Lipscomb ( recognizing the similarities with the Mars evidence and the help is appreciated.

The above third image evidence is located all the way at the other end of this long narrow M09-02042 strip and, in my opinion, it is the most obvious and significant in this reporting as evidence goes. Make no mistake about it, you are looking at very extensive and dense old growth bio-life forests that are surrounding and growing right up to the edge of lakes of water. Please note that very significantly and unmistakably the water in these lakes is in a unfrozen self leveling flat surface liquid state.

The significance of this combination of bio-life forest and water lakes in a liquid state ON MARS, the planet that is officially supposed to be dry as dust with a 95+% carbon dioxide lethal atmosphere and dead, just can't be understated even though this evidence has so far been ignored by the in denial science and academic leadership conditioned by decades of the secrecy agenda tacticals. Mark my words, when the book evidence of equal caliber comes out in a few months reinforcing evidence like this and unmentionable things start hitting the fan, it will be definitive evidence like this languishing in this record since May, 2001 that the upset critics and those looking for blame will come back to in demanding to know how evidence so incredibly obvious could be so ignored for so long by the science and academic communities even though it is verifiable right in the science data.

The above 3rd and 4th images visual evidence speaks for itself. Note how the forest evidence covers everything including every hill and low place except for the lakes. Note the uniformity of the individual objects in their many thousands and their uniform spacing one from another and their even height. There is no chance in the least that this can be confused with any natural geology except by those in deep denial or constrained by conditioning. The thing that you need to understand is that there is no geological terrain visible here at all in the above 3rd and 4th images as it is all covered over by this forest old growth.

I held onto this evidence for many months before first posting it in May of 2001. In that prior time I privately shared this evidence with Arthur C. Clarke. In my opinion, it was this evidence and the better imaging of the colossal plants that I and another also shared with him that prompted him to make his famous statement back then about the likelihood of life on Mars. He confirmed to me back then that he was sharing this with some of his NASA insider contacts. Of course nothing came of that and the saddest part of all is that there wasn't anything surprising about this even though it was coming from this famous man.

The above fifth and sixth black and white images demonstrate a A–B comparison between the Mars forest and lake evidence and the same type of evidence from Earth. Both represent multiple water lakes surrounded by dense bio-life forests growing right up to the edges of the lakes. The difference is that the Earth lake water is a bit clearer and less occluded than these particular Mars lakes.

Also, the Earth forests are made up of a considerable variety of tree life merging together while the Mars much more uniform appearing forest seems to be made up of the same kind of bio-life species that is also a bit larger from object to object and more evenly spaced apart. This may suggest that the Mars forest is very old growth where one species over a great span of time has come to dominate the available terrain. The Earth image is of Japan's Shiretoko National Park and was brought to my attention by a long time supporter from Australia who prefers to remain anonymous.

The above seventh image evidence is in this same strip and so I've included it here. The site is located in the mid area of the strip and the view here is from one side of the strip to the other with the edges of the strip cutting off two opposite end corners of a relatively shallow depression. It demonstrates the majority part of an old perfectly rectangular shallow depression in the terrain now grown over by vegetation.

Note the perfect 90º right angles and the two arrow straight long linear side lines. Even though old and now grown over, there is obviously not much chance of symmetry this perfect being the result of natural nature or geology. This has the appearance of a artificially engineered and dug flat floor depression except for something bulky and upright in the exact center of it. The strip resolution is too poor here in this area of the strip for a closer examination of detail. However, I suspect that the higher elevation elongated material in the center of the depression represents now grown over ruins. Want to bet on it?

In my first reporting now here replaced based on this science data strip, I pointed out tiny signs of upright geometric structures around the edges of the main lakes in a 200% zoom view. In my older 2001 imaging, I was more concerned with civilization evidence and tried to preserve it as much as possible visually in my graphics work imaging.

However, since then I've come to understand that, despite the high drama of civilization evidence for so many, the real force of change will come first from fundamental liquid surface water sites and biological life evidence on Mars. Why? Because that is all the basics that the professional scientists and academics may be prepared to deal with and can eventually first come to understand. First is must be all about fundamental basics before the greater complexities. Like babies they have to crawl before they can walk and walk before they can run as they struggle to break out of their conditioning.

Therefore, in this report's 200% zoom fourth image of the main lakes and their forests, I have not made any attempt to preserve the civilization evidence, only clarify the bio-life and water lakes. The civilization evidence is very minor but know that it is there even if not observable in this report's imaging. The presence of that minor civilization evidence may have implications in this region for what is likely present in the above 7th image's shallow rectangular depression and what ever is in the center of the depression.


I always hate to get into this subject but image tampering has a significant impact on this strip and its evidence and therefore I am compelled to report on it. Note the next four image below relating to this.

There are a great many forms of image tampering and many are used in combination. For example, in this case the original strip has been subject to resolution problems and the whole strip has been subjected to the distancing technique reducing the strip to a very narrow band. However, the easiest and most obvious to identify image tampering has been disguised by inverting the original image and doing smudge image tampering applications in the inverted view and then inverting the image back again for release to the science communities and public.

In the real inverted view as represented by the above 9th image, the smudge dithering applications are simply crudely laid down on top of the already compromised colossal plant evidence and, as you can see, are very obvious. The process of then inverting the image back to the original view effectively plasters down the smudge so that it appears to hug the ground it covers as represented by the 8th image. In fact, there is no ground visible at all, only this plastering down of the smudge applications hiding what ever it is they are hiding and to mimic terrain geology.

To drive this point home, the above 10th and 11th images are another example of this, just in a different location in the strip but still among the colossal plant evidence. The 11th image represents the real inverted view with the crude smudge tampering applications in it and the 10th image represents the inverted back view with the smudge applications now plastered down again mimicking terrain appearance. It really can't get more obvious than this but that isn't quite all.

Go back up to the 10th image and note the poorly seen colossal plant evidence just right of center where just a bit more detail can be seen in this evidence. Now move down to the 11th image, which is just the 10th image inverted, and note the same evidence that has now been turned a light color. Note the patterns there all the way from the center over to the right edge of the image. Doesn't look much like any kind of geology now does it. The mature forms of these bio-life giant plants are monsters in size. No telling what they really look like in imaging that isn't so terribly obfuscated.

This is what your tax dollars are paying for! It's paying in the many millions and billions of dollars for pure junk like this imaging to be released to the science and academic communities, the media, and the public with everyone cluelessly gulping this false junk down like it was cotton candy. Even worse, someone is peeing down the collective collars of the clueless trained professionals that we all defer to for leadership in these science matters and convincing them that it is raining. How dumb and destructive is that? Further, it is spreading around the world involving the leadership of all the major countries.

Meanwhile, the truth, which apparently can't be wasted on the great unwashed and distrusted masses, goes into secrecy coffers for the personal edification and benefit of a select very few. Is this what you want of your money, your property, and your leaders? Think about it.

DOCUMENTATION This links takes you to the official MGS MOC M09-02042 narrow-angle science data strip that is the source of all my report imaging here. Note that all the images at MSSS have the same orientation, all are straight not angled, but all do work. Further, all are flipped both vertically and horizontally when compared to the companion M09-02043 wide-angle context strip's orientation. I used the third listed .gif image to draw the evidence from.

, Investigator

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