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Paperback - Format 6x9 - Pages 292 - Images 129 black & white - Unsigned $24.95 - Signed $34.95

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The great bulk of the satellite imaging evidence in this book is very fundamental and, although often strange looking, it's right in one's face so plain and obvious that you'll at first be incredulous as to how it could have been missed by so many and for so long. In fact, it is some of the most powerful visual planetary evidence you will ever see short of walking on this world and seeing it face to face and it obviously goes against the science community consensus that Mars is a super dry hard frozen dead world .

Further, as is always characteristic of my research, every bit of the evidence is drawn from and verifiable right in the official visual science data. Links to facilitate that verification are always provided in the book so that there is no need to trust the messenger as the saying goes. Even better, the evidence is plentiful enough in numbers and demonstrating consistent patterns of presence all over this world to prevent it from being ignored or dismissed as some kind of odd aberration or something confined to a single location or two on the planet like some thermal vents warming defined rare locations that are the exception rather than the rule.

The visual evidence is so fundamental in nature and so easily recognizable by anyone. It is for example in the form of very obvious LIQUID surface water rather than having a frozen ice appearance that could have been confused with CO2 ice. Remember that CO2 ice sublimates from a solid directly to a gas state with no intervening liquid state in the open where expansion is possible. Likewise it is pooling in depressions large and small right where you would expect it to be as well as surrounded by great forests taking advantage of it and in these ways it is so directly comparable with lakes and forests here on Earth in visual appearance.

When you begin to absorb this evidence and verify that it truly is present in the official science data, you will soon come to the inevitable logic that surface water just cannot exist in a LIQUID state and the Mars temperatures be as cold as they are suppose to be and particularly not when water and bio-life are so extensive and consistent around the planet. In fact, the most pervasive and obvious liquid surface water and extensive bio-life is often in the South Polar region right where some of our science data coldest temperature readings came from. Obviously, such contrary evidence existing in the record for over 10 years brings the official science data itself and its truthfulness into question and the realization that something is very wrong with it.

Make no mistake about it, the fundamental visual evidence in this book going so much as it does against the science community consensus belief system about the conditions on Mars will meet with much resistance but in the end this hard visual evidence will prevail. In fact, it will do nothing less than change everything we thought we knew about this world forcing us to face the fact that Mars is not a super dry hard frozen dead world as someone has manipulated us into believing but a dynamic living world full of life, a fact that has been hidden from us until now.

Below are some samples to show you what I mean as to liquid surface water and some of the obvious but strange unknown type of bio-life. These few samples alnd much more are what the science community consensus beliefs will be facing and having to deal with. Remember as you view this that this evidence is drawn from and verifiable in the official science data and is therefore hard visual evidence and not the product of flights of imagination or graphics program manipulation.

EARTH liquid water lake surrounded by forest . ........ ..MARS liquid water lake surrounded by forest

MARS unidentified forest growth .................................. MARS unidentified forest growth

The above sample evidence images are dramatically telling aren't they. There is no mistaking any of this for some kind of dead rock and sand geology. It is just what it appears to be, surface water surrounded by forests and some kind of unknown large size biological life in dense tangles. There is a lot more in the book and in variety.

I repeat, any observer, including those of the professional media or scientists, should understand that none of the book evidence has been produced or created by graphics software in any way once downloaded from the official science data. Every bit of the evidence is completely verifiable in the official science data and all are encouraged to do just that from the online URL addresses given in the book documentation under each evidence image.

As you can see in the above sample images of some of the more unusual looking (to us) bio-life, these are forests Mars style where the bio-life of what appears likely to be a single variety in a given area dominates vast amounts of terrain tightly filling all available space leaving no room for anything else to grow and compete with it within its boundaries, at least that we can see. This super high density behavior is very typical of most large size Mars bio-life. It's various species appear to be very aggressively successful and not struggling at all on this world. However, it may also be that the growth has had a very long time measured in many centuries or millennia to evolve strategies that eventually dominate a given area forcing other competitor species out.

In any case, the above is just a taste of what is in the book. Remember the verifiability factor and the large numbers of such basic evidence where there isn't suppose to be any at all according to what we've been conditioned to believe. This new evidence will chop right at the fundamental base of the secrecy agenda that keeps Mars truth and other planetary exploration truth in the shadows and you and I in the public, most of the science communities, and all of the media perpetually in ignorance.

If you are a viewer, then bring this page URL and the book and its evidence to the attention of the visual media in your country. If you are the media, then bring this book and its evidence to the attention of your audience. You know they will be interested and let them decide its merit for themselves. If you are in the science field, have the courage to engage this evidence as a pioneer and bring it to the attention of your peers for open debate. If you are a mover and shaker, seriously consider supporting this work to help bring us all out of ignorance.

The book can be ordered online at this LINK via your credit card through PayPal. Our order site is fully SSL protected to make sure that your account personal information (needed to confirm & ship your order) is private and we share no information with others. Likewise, your financial information is on PayPal's secure servers and not on our site. At the PayPal site you don't have to have an account with PayPal to use your credit card if that is a concern for you and you can look for that feature

If handled right, this new and much stronger evidence is the ammunition to raise truth awareness in populations, change minds, and tear down secrecy agenda walls holding mankind back. To that end consider joining the Planetary Truth Project and be part of bringing the truth into greater public awareness. Remember, regardless of our human fears, anxieties, and preferences, this evidence is the reality and no amount of denial psychology will change that.

Joseph P. Skipper


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