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Report 229

August 12, 2013

This report has a lot of big images and is slower to load

There are more images than usual here in this report because there is more evidence in this large site that needs to be seen, evidence that is similar to previous reports but here with important differences, images that reveal information along with some that manipulate and lead, each with their own features and complications. Obfuscation is a factor here that also requires reporting coverage as well.

Frankly I would have preferred to wait on reporting on this particular evidence pending the possible discovery of more similar evidence (if available) offering better insight but this Guam evidence has been located by some sharp eyed viewers inspired by my previous similar reporting who are pressing for explanations now. In my experience, if I leave something like this alone without an opinion of my own added, more or less official explanations always seem to offer little real insight offering only pabulum ultimately designed to play to the mass's comfort level as well as dismissal and placation psychology. So here goes even if I do think it is a bit premature.

The evidence here is similar to that which I have previously reported on but there are also important differences. For some viewers the similarities may be more palatable due to familiarity with my previous reports 224, 225 and 226 but be forewarned that some differences may require different types of thinking and it could be uncomfortable for some main stream types in its implications. Just be forewarned in case this reaction is encountered by you.

As some of you already know, Guam is very close to the Challenger Deep which on Guam's south side is roughly 7 miles deep and the deepest place known in Earth's oceans and part of the Mariana Trench system. Guam, it in the relative sense the largest island land mass in Micronesia and the airstrips there played an important roll in WWII. The Japanese occupied it in December, 1942 right after the Pearl Harbor attack at the inception of WWII and it returned to occupation as a territory of the United States in July, 1944. The United States Navy and Air Force still maintain large air bases and a strong presence there.

Guam was discovered by the Spanish in 1521 and remained under their control until it was turned over to the United States as a war prize of the 1898 Spanish-American War. Today its economy is supported primarily by Japanese tourism and the U.S. military.

The red 'X' marks the evidence location on the north and west side of Guam. The above 1st and 2nd images provide wide-angle context views to make sure that all those viewing this report can find the evidence in Google Earth to verify it for them selves as long as it remains available there and how the evidence site generally looks and fits in with its neighbors on a macro basis. I've also included Saipan labeling simply because it is nearby, because it is the subject of my prior Report 224, and the mining evidence there is similar although with some important differences.

While you are looking at the above wide angle views in this report and noting the relatively normal very large bottom features of the area, take special note that all this evidence sits on a very deep but raised land form shaped similar to an ancient samurai warlord gloved hand or fist. Note also that this undersea formation extends north to south from the Japanese islands and into the south Pacific past Guam. As a possible symbol this would likely have been known even in ancient times. One has to wonder if this is a symbol and does it represent just coincidental geology or intentional intelligent design?

Meanwhile, regardless of any similarities, the Guam evidence is unique and significantly different in some ways than previously reported on undersea evidence. Although also down on the bottom in the black dark abyssal deep and subject to immense killing pressures, it is in water actually a little more shallow in a few places than in the previously reported evidence and of an apparently somewhat different type. Further, wave form graphic obfuscation often seen in Google Earth material plays a bit more involved roll here and obfuscation is fairly plentiful.

For example, when one attempts to zoom in closer the wave form obfuscation graphics technique gets more and more intense but then upon even deeper zoom beyond that point the obfuscation suddenly gives out in places allowing a clearer view. The images below demonstrate some of this.

The above 3rd image is wave graphics off of Guam in the general area completely obscuring any evidence on the bottom of any kind. I include it just to demonstrate how thoroughly effective and bad it can be in places and it cannot be defeated. It looks like wind blown waves on the water's surface. I might add that this wave form graphic look is a surface design sometimes employed in movies as graphics to represent the "event horizon" of a dimensional gateway. The movie "Stargate" is an example. However, note that the water depth here as bracketed in yellow in the above 3rd image is -3,507 meters or 11,505 feet indicating what is really going on even if we can't see anything but fake graphics.

The graphic is nothing more than illusion and obfuscation as used here in this material. It should be noted that the sea floor Guam evidence reported on here appears to cover an area of about 60 x- 60 km or 37 x 37 miles. So yes it's a big area but that may be misleading. Why? Because that's just what we are allowed to see and can detect in Google Earth before obfuscation tacticals tend to obscure everything else from view. The fact is that true evidence could be even greater. For example, I would like to know what is at the end of that samurai's thumb that sticks out like a pointing finger? Could that be an gigantic ancient marker?

The word "allowed" is intentionally used by me. In my experience, those that do the usual obfuscation would not want us to see this kind of evidence and would hide it if they could. The fact that we are seeing this type of evidence at all suggests that someone with greater power is making it available to us and keeping the normal secrecy crowd backed up on hiding it. However, in my opinion, key features of the evidence that would greatly help in our analysis of figuring out what is going on with it are also being intentionally withheld. That suggests that would be benefactors are also manipulating us. Don't loose sight of that possibility.

The above 4th image shows a more typical scenario of the Guam bottom pattern evidence and what viewers may see in certain areas as they attempt to verify this evidence in Google Earth to the north and west of Guam. Note that the wave form obfuscation is less toward the bottom of the above image but with the wave form obfuscation becoming more and more of a problem factor moving up in the image.

An obvious thing that soon becomes apparent in the sea floor pattern evidence is the fact that some of the evidence is geometric straight lineal. In other words it comes in from off to the left in a relatively straight line or lines. That straight linear approach compares favorably with evidence in my previous reporting. However, note that there is also the radial pattern radiating out from a central point crossing and overlapping the linear evidence. To achieve this radial pattern, note that the each segment of the radial tapers from a narrow point close to the center expanding wider and wider as it goes outward to the perimeter edges. This is new and different than previously reported.

The radial evidence tends to suggest the possibility of an older volcanic or impact crater radiating out from the center point. However, when tested with the Google Earth depth meter, there is little evidence of depression or raised ground supporting this. The bottom depth variations just aren't sufficiently there in the form of raised or depressed areas in the sea floor. The only thing that is clear is that there does appear to be up slope ground moving southeast toward the lower right corner of the image and rising rapidly via a deep sea escarpment to the island of Guam sticking out of the water located just off image pointed out by red labeling.

In the above 5th image the wave form obfuscation is diminishing. The point here is that we are getting below the wave form obfuscation layer as it is only on certain levels in this location. As we near the point of getting below a level, the wave form obfuscation is beginning to diminish. That means that anyone attempting to verify the evidence in Google Earth should not give up. When you are examining this for yourself in Google Earth keep on slowly zooming down until you just clear the obfuscation layers and a clearer view of the sea floor evidence will be the reward.

The problem is that getting under the obfuscation level also means getting closer to the evidence and so the view tightens in at the periphery accordingly tending toward a micro view rather than a wide macro view. This can be a good thing in that it can provide a closer view of the evidence but it can also be a not so good thing because it too often prevents a more distant wider context view (without the obfuscation) showing how the various patterns fit together. The wider context view is important on evidence like this that looks strange as it inhibits trying to figure out what is going on with it overall.

The above clearer 6th image is of the same radial pattern as in the 4th and 5th images but now taken from a point below the obfuscation layer and mostly free of it. It is mostly of the spot where the straight lineal rectangular patterns intersect with and are overridden by the radial pattern. Even though it is much clearer the evidence is just too closely packed for it to definitively tell us very much about what exactly is going on.

Even so note how very precise the radial patterns are. Note how each section has a long taper. This much precision and geometry just does not occur in natural geology. Also, in my opinion, ship survey sonar artifacts is just too inadequate a theory to explain it. Only intelligent engineering design and artificial equipment application can rise to a standard like this. Yet the bottom here is 2,581 meters or 8,467 feet down and as dark as the inside of a cave without lights. This tells us that either someone can see at these extreme depths or they have equipment that can see for them.

The above 7th and 8th images are merely representative sample portions of the massive linear rectangular evidence here at this Guam site. I've chosen locations on it to report on just because they offer clearer views than other areas and because each has a somewhat different story to tell rather than just repetition of a similar story as is the case with the Saipan mining paths.

For example, the Saipan evidence in Report 224 tells the story of one or more pieces of equipment traveling in search patterns at extreme depths with purpose but likely involving only variations of a general equipment design producing highly concentrated but very similar results on the sea floor surface. The Saipan equipment evidence appears to suck up sediment from the bottom and from inside cracks and crevasses exposing the underlying harder rock formations and dispersed it to the side.

Here at the Guam site we have what might be sprawling evidence with differing subtle characteristics located at slightly shallower depths. It might be mining activity of a somewhat different design than the Saipan evidence where this equipment drills deeper into the sea floor working in stages to get the last little bit of what ever it is they are looking for depositing the discarded fine grind tailings back the same place. Not all of the evidence fits this scenario but much of it does.

Instead of vacuuming up sea floor sediment revealing the rough harder rocky layer beneath it, this equipment appears to drill down to a deeper depth below cutting through upper sediment and harder rock leaving the type of evidence formations you see above which could essentially be a long series of many taller pedestal formations left standing in these rigid geometric patterns. Later, if warranted, another pass or two over the same spot grinding off the pedestals and re-depositing the ground up tailings back in the same place could produce something that then looks like smoother sediment except for perimeter edges.

If this evidence is something real on the sea floor, the above evidence in the 9th and 10th images demonstrates two different looks of straight linear evidence that is going to be hard to explain. Unavoidably at this point explanations will involve a lot of speculation.

First we have the rougher texture geometric evidence that I suspect represents many tall objects (pedestals) ground out that fit into these very precise grid formations on the sea floor. Almost certainly the tops and sides of each of the many individual objects are cut into these very precise and pronounced geometric forms by the mining machinery. Note that the smoother evidence areas also seen here demonstrates likely having been in the same precise grid patterns but have been subjected to another pass or two grinding down each tall pedestal. Although ground mostly away, the outer perimeter can still be seen because the grinding process likely deposited the finer grind tailings back into the center area of each rectangle resulting in a deeper cover there and covering over what is left there of the evidence.

In other words, I suspect the rougher looking evidence patterns represents a first drilling of the sea floor leaving many upright pedestals of earth and rock in a highly organized grid according to the size of the machinery doing it while the smoother looking evidence represents the same thing but mostly ground down and processed again producing finer sediments deposited right back in place in the grind area. However, remember that what I am showing you here are only representative samples of a much greater extensive whole and such speculation could be premature.

What I'm saying though is that I still think we are looking at open surface mining of the sea floor but here more intense than that which I have previously reported on. Although in the end we're still talking about surface mining, this kind of mining drills down deeper into the surface bedrock beneath the ancient silt and sediment deposits trying to extract more of what ever it is they are looking for.

Now it occurs to me that the mining concept could be a complete miss speculation on my part. It occurs to me that the pedestal formations may be someone's idea of home sweet home until they've served their usefulness. Someone's idea fashioned by the influences of a distant past like that of bees (insects) in a beehive living among honey comb cells or under ground. Something far removed from known human origins? Someone perhaps from dark high pressure worlds (or even this world) in dark space with dark adapted vision finding more comfort in these Earth black dark ocean depths?

In fact, considering the rigid geometry of this evidence, it also occurs to me that we may be looking at the activity of artificial machine life. Living organic or hard substance (such as metal) life that can easily design parts of itself to adapt to super dark high pressure liquid environments in order to go after what it wants or needs in the form of raw materials. This concept may seem far out to some of you at this stage in our development but in another 100 years or so we humans as organic life, if we survive, will almost certainly reach the point in our scientific development where this is going to be one of the possibilities of artificial life we're going to have to deal within our own culture.

So, in and among this Guam evidence, I've looked for signs of activity indicating someone treating this area as home sweet home and found no signs of it. No traffic and no activity, just a lot of general mining like activity sameness. Now that doesn't mean that it isn't there. If the grid evidence is real on the sea floor, more and better evidence could be and almost certainly is selectively hidden from our view. For example, I don't know but suspect some of the evidence in the below 12th image that at first appears to be yet more linear grid evidence may in fact be graphics designed to change and obscure something in that area.

This is one of the reasons why I thought this reporting right now may be just too subjective and premature. I prefer of myself to have more confidence and certainty in what I report on. While I do have considerable confidence in this Guam evidence being mostly something real and artificially made on the sea floor, I can't shake the feeling that we are still all being manipulated by someone through the visual evidence and I suspect it's not the usual human security crowd.

For example, in the below 12th image note the dense smudge in the very top of the image and the sharp boundary it forms. In my opinion, this is image tampering and I suspect it is allowed by someone that is not of our usual security crowd. Why?

The scene in the above 12th image is a shallow valley very nearby the 11th image scene. The linear grid sides slope upward to the right and left. The smooth area in between represents a valley like lower level and, although you can't see it here in this image, this lower level has vague evidence in it of grids previously ground down. On the other hand, the smooth area in the far background suggests that this is blur image tampering covering something there and it is combined with more and more intense wave form graphics that is definitely image tampering obfuscation.

If that mix isn't complex enough, the geometric patterns on the right in this image suggests that this may be image tampering graphics and therefore may not be real. In other words, there are a lot of different mixed signals here, some legitimate and some not so much. That suggests intentional concealment of something that might have informed us as to what is really going on here. First we want you to see and recognize civilization evidence and understand that it is present but as yet no further than that.

In my opinion the obfuscation has been generated by our usual secrecy crowd but manipulated by someone else to give us a look at certain select evidence that informs of civilization but does not allow an adequate perception of who or what constitutes it. In other words, the obfuscation is allowed to be there but then swept aside in certain places because it suites someone else's purpose that is not our secrecy crowd and so here we go with the manipulation again but by someone unknown.

The above 13th and 14th images are of a second smaller radial site at this Guam location. The 14th image provides a very good closer view of the evidence. Note that each tall pedestal has lighter color tips sticking out from the sides and tops. Note also that these objects appear to repeat over and over again in the evidence like teeth on a saw blade. Each is different but also all are the same. Further, upon careful inspection and comparison with the 8th and 10th image evidence, the same appears to be true of those images and their evidence as well.

This tends to support that this evidence is cut from the sea floor via very large massive machinery to achieve this level of exactness and is not sonar survey graphic artifacts as some want to postulate to placate mass populations. That reinforces the concept that most of this evidence is something real on the sea floor and, as such, represents intelligent design and on such a scale that it leaves no doubt that we are looking at civilization evidence right here on Earth that we do not fully understand.

But, that's just about all I can say about it with confidence. Who or what it may represent remains a big unknown and the evidence that has been revealed to us is geared only to allow that limited conclusion with any confidence. The degree of evidence that has been revealed tends to support a long existence here on Earth with a recent change toward us that allows us to have a look while confirming that this someone is still here and functioning. Humans as a group are ever myopic and often shy away from things that may lead to complexity and the stress that goes with it and to which diminishment fantasy labels can be attached.

Someone wants us to know that this evidence is here but at the same time their cautious at dealing out information to us. Are we just being manipulated or are we being tested as to whether we as a people can be open minded and adapt to newly perceived realities YET? Or, are they prepared to back away should we prove too fearful reactive and difficult to deal with? If it's too much of the latter, maybe we'll wake up one morning and find that all this evidence has been allowed to be removed from Google Earth and it never existed. Yea, it was all just a bad dream.

Obviously there is a lot of speculation in all this and now perhaps you can see why I thought it was premature to be getting into it at this time. The mainstream would probably prefer that I keep quite or at most talk about sonar artifacts but the cat is already out of the bag and I don't believe in the sonar artifacts scenario and therefore just can't do it. If it looks like civilization evidence, I'll report that likelihood until and if more future evidence offers closer or more insight.

, Investigator


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