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Report #200

April 15, 2011

Joseph P. Skipper


I suspect many of us are getting frustrated and tired of the mainstream media and population ignoring and pretending that Mars surface water in a liquid state evidence and substantial biological life in the form of vast forests doesn't exist even though it can be easily verified right in the official science data. For the objective independent analytical type, with the combination of the website and book bio-life evidence, there is actually more than enough such evidence presented to intrude into consciousness and change minds. However, the problem isn't with the evidence, rather it is with the mainstream psychology and their great numbers.

The average person, busy with their private lives and not knowledgeable at all on this subject, have been conditioned to accept and believe a certain way by a parade of consensus so called science experts trotted out over the decades and generations to repeat the same old party line. At the same time and even worse, the average person has also been conditioned to be led and it must be by those they've chosen by consensus default to regard as their leaders on such matters. Any other source, regardless of the quality of the hard evidence presented or how obvious is may be, especially any advocating a view that differs significantly from the consensus science, is automatically resisted and rejected regardless of the evidence.

Now caution is a good thing but not when it crosses over into blindness in the face of verifiable objective evidence to the contrary. This kind of resistance leads to false assumptions that because of universal emotional acceptance are then regarded as accurate and fact. The result is that hard to come by money decisions in the millions and billions of dollars are made and then spent based in part on such false presumptions that others can take advantage of. Valuable objectivity is lost to decision making as is being in touch with reality. Based on false assumptions, reckless and risky behavior is promoted like bombing the bottoms of dark deep Moon craters when you have no idea what is in the bottom of them.

A researcher like me can't help human behavior, he can only plug away with visual evidence trying to help change behavior to better adapt to reality. This report concentrates a few of the most obvious and unmistakable examples representing a variety of Mars biological life (bio-life) gleaned from both the website and the book's evidence record. Remember, each of these samples are easily verifiable right in the official science data via the links provided here. Remember as well that officially there isn't suppose to be even one of this kind of bio-life evidence on Mars, must less the multiples found here and at the website and in the book.

Remember, I did not make any of this evidence or change it in any way. This visual evidence is fact and a part of the official science record and supported by that record. If you can look at these selected examples and believe via your conditioning that you are looking at Mars natural geological terrain rather than biological life, then I can do nothing for you.

Two verification links below for above images #1 and #2
Below Report #21 website link & on book page 153

In the above 1st and 2nd images, drawn from the M08-04110 strip already previously posted as website evidence in Report #21, we're looking at the top of highlands snow covered ridges that have a steep slope down on either the left or right side. The bio-life is the darker sunlight absorbing evidence on top of the ridges. It comes in two visual forms. The bio-life evidence in #1 is the soft fluffy open kind while the evidence in #2 is the tightly packed very dense kind even though both I'm satisfied are the same species.

I suspect that this particular bio-life has specially adapted to these highland steep ridge tops where the slope incline is less severe giving them the opportunity to establish themselves. I suspect that rising incoming air currents dump moisture either as snow on top of the image #2 very dense bio-life where it melts down into it or as condensate ice moisture collecting on darker branches of the more open soft fluffy kind in image #1 that absorbs sunlight warmth later on in the morning forming melt.

I suspect that what you see in the above image #1 is the more open form that processes condensate moisture on branching's within its body that rising air passes through while the denser more tightly packed kind in image #2 presents an upper level surface designed to catch falling snow for later melt. In other words, although the evidence in #1 and #2 may look different from each other, it is actually the same highly adaptable evidence functioning differently taking advantage of differing conditions.

Two verification links below for above images #3 and #4
Book page 187

The above 3rd and 4th images are of two different areas of the same S08-00425 strip reported as book evidence and not posted here at the website previously. I've added some color for viewing comfort and the view is inclusive from one side edge of the strip to the other. Note how much courser the texture is in the 3rd image as compared to the 4th image evidence texture even though they are the same forest evidence. Do you see anything in these two images that looks like natural geological terrain? Oh yes the terrain is there but it is visually buried out of sight under this densely packed coverage of unmistakable bio-life.

As you can see, this bio-life evidence densely packed coverage is complete from one edge of the strip to another. This is typical of these MGS MOC narrow-angle strips as they take small visual slices out of vast fields bio-life. Rarely do these strips catch the visual edge of a field of bio-life. Further, if they did, that would probably be eliminated by the secrecy manipulations because it is much easier to recognize bio-life when one can see its edge transition into real raw geological terrain.

It's like taking a picture of the center area of a room of carpet. The continuous field of fibers all visually mix and run together making it difficult to identify exactly what one is looking at if that is all one sees. On the other hand, if the picture is of the edge of the carpet where the fibers can be seen from a slight side angle to be standing upright, it is then much easier to make an identification.

So the center area shots like the above 3rd and 4th images are left alone no doubt because they probably know from experience that the above is not readily identifiable by the average person without a certain amount of doubt due to past conditioning. As far as I'm concerned, the above evidence speaks for itself. The question is can you confuse the above 3rd and 4th images with geological terrain? If you can, then there is nothing more I can say.

Two verification links below for above images #5 and #6
BOOK page 207

The above 5th image at 100% and the 6th at 200% from the E08-01053 strip are from a site nearby the evidence in the 3rd and 4th images but here showing a larger more pronounced size of the same bio-life forest species. Again, this evidence is from the book and has not been posted at the website before. Also, again the evidence is from one side edge of the strip to the other with color added for comfort and a closer look provided.

Note that in both the 100% and 200% zoom view, I've pointed out single fairly clearly seen individual plant with yellow arrow and labeling. Neither the massive evidence or the single plant should exist according to official consensus science. What do you think?

Two verification links below for above images #7 and #8
BOOK page 231

The above 7th image at 100% and 8th image at 200% from the S07-02623 strip demonstrate a different looking bio-life. However, note that once again it is super densely packed and represent a view from one side edge to the strip to the other. The coverage for sunlight space is so complete that it blocks out any view of the underlying natural geological terrain. This is so typical of Mars bio-life in the MGS MOC imaging. In my opinion, the above 8th image speaks for itself as to bio-life evidence.

Two verification links below for the above image #9
Below Report #108 website link & on book page 175

Not to the left out, the above 9th image from the M07-03768 strip demonstrates an old growth densely packed forest tree canopy. This has been previously posted at the website. As you can see and as demonstrated in the other image evidence here, this represents very old growth where every bit of sunlight space has been filled over time and no natural ground geology is visible at all either in this image or in the entire strip.

This kind of massive old growth forest complete coverage of essentially the same species tree bio-life does not happen over night. First every bit of sunlight space is filled and then certain species compete for domination eventually replacing less aggressive species until the forest being imaged is essentially occupied by the same more aggressive species and its variations. The point being that old growth forests like these represent a lot of time likely measured in many hundreds of years to establish themselves in this way driving out less aggressive differing competition species.

This suggests that, not only do favorable environments for forest proliferation exist on Mars, the favorable environments these forests flourish in are very stable over very long periods of time. How does that compare with the mainstream consensus that Mars has a 95+% CO2 atmosphere lethal to life as we know it by many times over and as cold at –180º to –220º F right where this evidence exists, which is cold enough to bust steel, not to mention the extreme pressures. Unless careful selection of the images we do see is going on by secrecy, it also suggests that anyone living on Mars does not regard these forest products as a commercial resource since harvesting does not appear to happen.

Denying the presence of bio-life evidence by saying it can't exist because it is impossible just doesn't cut it. So, assuming this verifiable visual evidence exists via its verifiable presence here, then something is seriously wrong with the consensus science so universally accepted that Mars is a hostile environment to humans and life as we know it. Obviously, the evidence presented here tells a completely different story. In fact, not just different but diametrically opposed and the opposite of the consensus opinion. In other words, the presence of this kind of evidenced tells us that we've apparently been scammed by those that we trust and/or they are just incompetent.

Frankly, I to am growing weary of this kind of verifiable forest bio-life evidence just being ignored as though it doesn't exist by the mainstream science, media and public. It just can't be disposed of by labeling it an aberration when too many examples exist as they do here at the website and in the book. A picture rarely lies and, if it does, it must be made to do so by intervention in it by some other party. The image evidence of surface water in a liquid state in Report #199 and bio-life in this report is telling us that the planet Mars has an atmosphere much more favorable to life as we know it than we have been led to believe. Further, it also tells us that the Mars environment may well be much more stable over long periods of time than we might expect of a planet with a thinner atmosphere than Earth's.

Come on folks, as you can see, this objective hard visual evidence of surface water and bio-life forests simply exists and therefore just can't be ignored or denied. The secrecy we're the target of relating to this corrupts those doing it, it fosters lies, deceit and poor decision making involving immense amounts of our money, and it corrupts creating a form of tyranny and ignorance in populations that starts being accepted as a norm and goes unquestioned.

This must be rectified. The only way that is going to happen is by bringing this to the attention of more and more of the mainstream public that may eventually get fed up enough to demand full disclosure. That can only happen via use of the mainstream media pathways they frequent to reach them. Here's my appeal to you. Contact the media via email and insist that they bring this situation to the attention of their audience. Make it easy for them by providing them with active links to this Report 200 on the bio-life evidence and previous Report 199 on the surface water evidence.

Remember, those human movements in north Africa and the mid-east talked and networked online until finally after a certain point only action would do and look what they are accomplishing against all the odds on their own and even at very serious personal risk. It's a truth, freedom is not free and must be earned! The false information hiding truth in the official science data is itself a form of tyranny where brazen deceit and external imposed ignorance and scamming money becomes an accepted norm. Is that who we are, the people who dropped the ball? We want your money but not your participation or sharing any truth with you!

Just how poor do we need to be treated by secrecy elitists before enough is enough for you? Aren't we at least as good as those fighting so energetically for a taste of freedom and democracy in north Africa and the mid-east? After all, we number in the millions according to the traffic to this website evidence and life risk is not a factor for us. Yes we'd have to go to some effort and yes the cost can be high in some says but what appeared at first to be immoveable mountains can be moved by only rank know very little amateurs as these people in north Africa and the mid-east have demonstrated only too clearly.

Unlike in the movie Red October, no one is going to tremble at our silence. If we regard this as an issue of importance, then we are going to have to take the bull by the horns and make noise on our own behalf earning our way. Remember, I suspect others are watching to see if we will actually do something to help ourselves. Dropping the ball is not only self destructive, it is not a viable option for those that have something to accomplish.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator


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