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Report #136

March 24, 2008

Joseph P. Skipper


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This reporting is sourced from only one MGS MOC R08-01745 narrow-angle strip and will be a bit different. The location of the evidence is well out midway in the South Polar Region below and out from the Cap in Mars Chart 30. This reporting is about biological growth and it is characterized by a finer texture relative to other larger more gross size growth forms. This type of growth is very easy to hide in this satellite imaging by employing the prevalent distancing technique and tampering with the image resolution a bit and so it is very rare to get a halfway decent look at it.

The distancing tactical causes the image strip to be physically very narrow and that is the case with this strip. This tends to merge finer textured bio-life into a unrecognizable visually fused mass with no or at least insufficient individual detail. As I explore this data, I see this over and over again countless thousands of times and have to move on because I know that the evidence is too visually compromised for most viewers to recognize and they would regard it as ambiguous. However, with that experience also comes the knowledge of what just might rarely show sufficient revealing detail (with a little graphics clarification work) and that is the case here with this strip.

This strip has been subjected to the usual distancing obfuscation tactical and the resolution has also been compromised so much that the strip will not allow very much zoom factor before quickly encountering pixelation. However, the evidence, while still being finer textured relative to other larger forms that will be seen in my upcoming book evidence, is just large enough at a slight 107% zoom factor to resists the compromising tactics enough to be adequately seen. So what I've done is start in the upper part of the straight .GIF strip and work down it with my image crop outs with each one adjacent to the other end to end with no missed gaps.

So I'm going to just present four images one after the other below. Each will be a split screen two panel image. The left panel will represent the upper scene from one side edge of the strip to the other and the right panel will represent the scene immediately below and adjacent to it. As you view from left to right in each split screen panel you will be traveling down the strip with no gaps. Likewise each next split screen image of the four shown here will represent the next lower scene/section in the strip.

Now understand that each of these four images is of a very high file size even though they are medium compressed .JPEG for saving space for presentation here on the Web. That means that each will be slow loading and particularly for those of you on a dial-up connection and why there are only four images presented here. That very high file size comes from the graphics software counting a lot of individual objects down there even if the human eye tends to be overwhelmed with detail tending to want to merge it all into a single mass.

That human eye/brain tendency is also why I have presented this evidence in this sectioned way trying to minimize the overwhelm and merge effect. Just remember that the left panel is the upper field of view and the right panel is the scene immediately below and adjacent to it and the scenes are comprehensive from one side edge of the strip to the other. The official statistics tell us that the strip view is 2.94 km or 1.83 miles across and so that is theoretically the view in each split panel below.

The above four vertical split screen images give you a look at this strip's evidence traveling down the strip from the upper area to the lower area and from side edge to side edge. In my opinion, the evidence in the second image whole right panel and the evidence at the very bottom of the third image left panel is the slightly larger and therefore stronger evidence as bio-life. As it turns out, these particular evidence samples are also just large enough to zoom in on adequately and that is what the next fifth image below is all about.

As you can see in the above fifth horizontal split screen image with its closer 200% zoom factor, this bio-life evidence is very telling and hard to deny by even the most incredulous viewer. It is obviously a riot of unidentified biological life of some kind and can't even remotely be confused with rock and soil geology. It is yet another smoking gun of hard visual evidence and yet another nail in the coffin of the consensus view so heavily promoted that Mars is a super hard frozen, lethal atmosphere world, dry as dust, and long dead or dying.

This is actually evidence from my upcoming book that I decided to present here instead. It is my pre-warning shot across the bow of the mainstream science and academic communities. It says that you need to be paying attention! There is a new paradigm on its way. You are already on the wrong side and playing surprised catch-up later will only make matters worse for you as the public increasingly catches onto this and then onto your role in ignoring and denying it. Remember, it may take scientist mentality to get camera systems to Mars but it often takes only common sense that will not be denied to interpret the content of some of these images.

As you can see in the above #1—#5 split screen images, the super densely packed bio-life evidence in the upper portion of the strip tends to be more fine textured with the evidence getting a little more course textured moving further down the strip until it starts breaking up into individual clumps of a different looking type of bio-life evidence nearer the bottom and where more sunlight reflective geology is also visible. Scroll back and forth across the 1—4 images and note that the bio-life is generally a darker color and that the raw rock and soil geological terrain more visible near the bottom of the strip is much more light reflective.

This latter principle is very important in understanding what one is looking at in satellite imaging whether it is Earth or Mars and whether it is well seen or obscured and very poorly seen. Biological life of course tends to be darker in color and non light reflecting and more light absorbing. This is consistent with biological life we are familiar with here on Earth as it is designed to absorb a certain amount of sunlight energy to facilitate internal life functions. Logically, if a world like Mars is universally colder than here on Earth, any life there will have even more incentive to evolve sunlight/energy/heat absorption designs to combat and adapt to the colder conditions.

Likewise, where ever it is found, solid particulate rock and soil geology is for the most part much more sunlight reflective. For example, anyone who has flown over or seen pictures of a south sea island or land mass coastline will remember a very light reflective sandy beach dividing a darker light absorbing interior jungle or even the darker offshore water areas where life is growing on the water bottom areas. Also, anyone who has flown over grasslands in the middle of nowhere will remember the two tracks of well used dirt roads as bare geology cutting across the grasslands being very light reflective while the grasslands are more light absorbing. There are exceptions but for the most part they are quite rare and this rule holds in the great bulk of evidence scenes regardless of the planet involved.

Here is this Mars evidence you see both features visibly present and fairly obvious. That serves to diminish any chance at confusion between the two concepts of light absorbing life versus light reflective geology. Don't just briefly scan the images, look detail close at the evidence in the right panel of the second image and also the bottom area of the third image left panel. Is there any chance you could confuse this evidence with raw Mars geology? None of this is rocket science! Looks mighty obvious to me but how about to you?

The only thing that is unusual about this Mars bio-life evidence as compared with Earth based evidence is typically a matter of degrees as well as species of life. The Earth based bio-life evidence is often subject to human intervention treating it as a consumable resource as well as some rough environmental change elements, all affecting its visual appearance from above. On the other hand, Mars bio-life forestation evidence is most often visually very massive and dense filling all sunlight space and completely covering the underlying geology hiding it from view. This suggests old stable growth and more favorable treatment by any intelligent life and/or environmental factors.

One can perhaps understand how the self interest secrecy crowd and those tied to them would ignore evidence like this that doesn't suit their private self-interest agendas but how about the rest of the general science and academic communities? This evidence here isn't the strongest but it still very strong thoroughly defying any geological official Mars consensus position explanations and just cannot be confused with geology. As such, you would think it would set off a big surge of scientific and academic thorough examination and debate to get at the heart of its merit! But, count on it, there's just....well ....nothing.

Is that what the best educated of us have become, so like our general politician crop, just myopic mindless non questing social nothings living in fear of social consensus peer pressure and greedily grasping myopically at self interest? Is that all there is, just compliant conforming mental emptiness in these otherwise socially exalted higher education communities? Where are even the genetic sports and mental rebels with the courage to break ranks with mediocrity? Remember, human history has repeatedly demonstrated that advancements often come as jumps forward in spite of well educated but plodding caution and just such a time is upon you and us all.

Warning, if you in the science and academic communities don't have the courage to come out of the shadows soon and start engaging this growing evidence objectively, when my book with its much stronger more obvious evidence comes out, you're then going to be in danger of becoming completely irrelevant. You should be verifying and pioneering this, not a force trying your best to ignore and/or resist it with the result of eventually getting beat up by it. The big bad wolf is not going to hurt you. Time is running out and it's time to get a clue.

DOCUMENTATION This links takes you to the official MGS MOC R08-01745 science data narrow-angle image strip. My evidence here was drawn from the 4th listed not map-projected (straight) .GIF strip with its orientation and can be verified there.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator


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