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Report #039

June 18, 2002

Joseph P. Skipper


J. P. Skipper can be contacted at

In the above image from strip M03-05186, get your eyes down close to the screen for detailed examination and you should see that each tiny object in the large dark area is rectangular in shape and each is uniform in size and height with its neighbors and just one of thousands of such objects in long closely packed rows constituting the great mass of these structures you see here. Even more importantly, the precision of their placement is so exact that each object fits precisely in rows at right angle to each other like headstones in a military cemetery. It should be obvious to anyone, especially in light of variations in the terrain under these structures that should have but didn't force more compromises in their precise placements, that this kind of exacting and rigid precision is most definitely not characteristic of any natural geology or causation but is very characteristic of forethought, planning, artificiality, and the manipulations of intelligent life.

However, that isn't all, take another close look at the light color bands in the top of this first image. There you will see larger building structure evidence mostly covered by fog and resolution types of image tampering. Even so, we can still see the tops of these buildings and interpret fairly well what we are looking at here. This is all seen from a great distance but it still appears clear that this is a civilization center of some kind with both major and minor building structures. Fortunately, the automated tampering software left the great mass of smaller rigid cross-row structures mostly out of the direct tampering applications, no doubt because it saw them as too small as per its programing parameters to deal with under the probable programmed assumption that the resolution reduction would alone take care of this. Unlike a human, the automated software could not foresee that, even though the individual objects (in the much closer view not shared with us) are individually too tiny to see details of their structure at this much more distant resolution, observers would still be able to see the tell tale rigid precision cross-row broad patterns that give this civilization evidence away for what it is. So, even with the resolution reduction, this is another flaw in the tampering software that gives a look at some decent evidence.

Once again here in the above second image in the terrain just below that in the first image, we are looking at another scene of rigid precision cross-row patterns but now having to make more compromises with the variations in the physical terrain. Oddly enough, there are little patches of blur tampering applied to a few cross-row areas of the mass as though the size scale was activating the automated tampering software but it was borderline and undecided as to what to do. Once again, even with some fairly heavy fog tampering applied to them, we can also see the tops of larger building structures in the light color areas both at the top and bottom of the image.

Remember, these images you see here are zoomed in 280%. At the official lesser science data normal resolution of 100%, little of this would have been evident and it would have all looked mostly like natural land forms. Based on my experience with this repeated pattern of normal resolution showing little or nothing anomalous in all this MOC visual evidence but closer zoom beginning to show evidence more anomalous, you will not be surprised to learn that it is of course my opinion that this tampering is by someone's intent trying to keep the truth of what is on Mars bottled up and hidden not only from the public but also from the paradigm blinded scientists and the great bulk of our "we don't have clue unless the scientists tell us differently"government.

In the above third image of a scene a little further down than the first two images here, you can see patches of the rigid cross row pattern civilization evidence now mixed in with the more prevalent long single one direction row evidence. However, be cautioned that this scene is misleading because the extensive and careful placement of fog/smudge type image tampering treatment creating smooth featureless interspaces is helping to create this appearance. Not only is this treatment running around the cross-row patches creating the interspace look but it also runs up between the long single directional rows in the top part of this image creating the smooth featureless interspaces there between the rows and helping to accentuate the perception of these being many long single rows. I'm not sure whether this tampering's purpose was to simply hide something there in the interspaces and/or to literally create the interspaces and thereby the single row look just to break up patterns in this total scene? In any case, I saw it as interesting and thought you might like to see it to.

The above fourth image is actually of an area located above the first three images in the strip. Obviously, the resolution is poor causing individual objects to merge and blur together. However, basic shapes and broad patterns are still present giving us the chance to view and draw some reasonable conclusions. Here you see civilization evidence clustered around a lake. The lake surface has the short mixed line patterns because, in my opinion, these were probably short building rows down in this lake depression and in shallow water and, unfortunately, all of this has been mostly covered over by a fog/smudge type very fine image tampering application applied mostly in between the structures and at a very close resolution not made available in the MOC imaging to the public. Then when the very close resolution is drawn back to the very distantly seen resolution here, the net effect is that individual structures are no longer visible but a bit of the building pattern is printing through the "lake" surface tampering application and still seen.

Take note of the long straight line from left to right in front of the lake of taller buildings evidence and note that this is not repeated in the same way in the building evidence off to the right side of the lake. As I've previously reported, buildings in long lines are especially typical of civilization evidence in the South Polar Region. But, what does this mean? I suspect that orientation in relation to the presence of water directional flows has something to do with this as well as other unknown social factors. Unfortunately, the constant presence of the distancing tampering resulting in poor resolution and the direct object specific application tampering interferes too much with the visuals and what can be trusted in the visuals is not conducive to drawing conclusions that one can have confidence in the accuracy of as yet, except for what we can clearly see in the broad pattern evidence.

In the above fifth image of a scene near the bottom of this strip, this long dark horizontal line appears very much like a big but relatively narrow ribbon of water doesn't it. The same dark ribbon as well as similar civilization evidence also appears in and continues in several other adjacent MOC strips to and, because of that, I suspect it may very well be water. All these strips in this area on the South Polar Cap including this one are very long and very narrow with very distant views. The strong but very tiny civilization evidence, such as you've seen here, is in the upper and mid levels and this continuing dark ribbon is in the lower portions. Despite the appearance of water, the problem is that we can't trust the visuals because of all the heavy image tampering. For example, all of the light color terrain behind this dark ribbon is false because it has been subjected to very heavy covering image tampering right down to the "water." Further, the mid-color treatment out in the dark ribbon itself is not reflections of the back shore in the water as it may first appear (no doubt by intent) but is a fog image tampering treatment that simulates reflections. Further, the foreground closest to the bottom of the above image is characterized by a heavy coating of a dithering fog treatment that hides something there in a broad area as well.

Obviously, the rigid cross row pattern civilization evidence here is very strongly indicative of artificiality and clearly indicative of building structures and civilized intelligent life. But, does this civilization evidence also tell us anything about that life itself? If the massed structures in their thousands with their rigid precise cross-row patterns and uniformity of shape and size represent civilization living residential areas similar to our suburbs out from a more central city area, then we may have to consider that these beings may have a rigid cast system and/or a rigid mind orientation that minimizes individuality. It is just a consideration at this point but one that would make them considerably different than Earth humans and that is a strong difference that we dare not ignore. If true, this could be considered a rather disappointing discovery.

On the other hand, perhaps the only living, working, residential areas are those building tops in the the light colored areas partially hidden by the tampering. Perhaps the shorter size massed rigid pattern uniform structures are massed industry or storage facilities representing a great archival center? Perhaps they are massed passive solar radiation retention devices constructed to capture and release heat into the surrounding terrain since this location is on the north edge of the South Polar Ice Cap where I'm sure it is quite cold. Perhaps these massed buildings are associated with some kind of food production industry serving a much wider region and may be great tanks or vats? Perhaps they are above ground mausoleums and the similarity with headstones in a military cemetery is more appropriate than first thought, just on a huge scale. Perhaps they are water storage tanks? What ever they are, there is an awful lot of them. In fact, there are plenty more in this strip that I have not imaged here but most of this evidence is more interfered with by image tampering.

Even though this evidence is distantly seen and so tiny in size, it is still hard evidence very strongly suggestive of artificiality. So never mind the insiders and their secrecy agenda based understandable reactions, as I can certainly understand their stonewalling and silence but where are the independent scientists not associated with secrecy who should become galvanized by discoveries like this and compelled to investigate this evidence? Why the silence? Is it fear? If so, fear of what? Is it a general fear of acting alone on one's own individuality or a more specific fear of destroying reputations for science professionals?

Or, could it be fear of Mars itself and what is there and what is unfolding via these discoveries you are witnessing here? Is this body of discovery work making it so that it is getting too serious now just because the civilization evidence is not pointing toward conveniently long dead civilizations that are interesting but above all safe to contemplate? Are we Earth humans so weak that we can't cope with the thought of advanced races with massive presence's on a nearby world and all the implications that go with it that may directly impact our world? Is the only place that we can deal with this subject matter in safe pretend movies where we can at least appear to be in control of the outcome? Are we so shallow that we can't cope with the concept that we may not be the end all and be all and the center of the Universe. Are we so completely addicted to insecurity and pretense that we must feel threatened and fear the true Mars reality? Surely there is more to us than that!

Remember, if there are advanced living civilizations on Mars and in massive numbers, then this is the reality and no amount of pretense is going to change that reality or deflect it. It is already the true world that we already live in and as such is already affecting our lives in ways currently unknown to us whether we want to face or admit this or not. It is far better for us to wake up and start trying to understand this reality and how it is already affecting us. Trying to live in denial and pretending that this isn't a factor can leave us vulnerable in so many ways and the problems that naturally arise from that will be of our own making. We need to get on with dealing with this and I am urging you viewers out there to start getting involved. Make that start by pressing the media and your congressional leadership to legitimately investigate all this hard visual evidence.


You will find the expanded documentation section attached separately HERE complete with the Mars chart showing the physical location of this discovery on the planet's surface, links to the science data at the three main MSSS, PDS, and USGS web sites, and a compressed form of the complete strip showing in it the location of the anomaly sites imaged here to facilitate any who wish to check behind me and confirm these discoveries. Good Luck.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator


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